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Hi, my names Eric.
i've never really had much of a love of apple in general
but thats not why im here. Earlier today i bought an ipod classic
(80GB) from a friend. I consider myself to be pretty technologically
advanced. My problem is that when i connect my ipod to my computer,
itunes tells me it was previously formatted on a mac, and that it needs
restored. I tried to restore it and I get an error, error 1436 to be specific.
ive done this several times, including restarting my ipod, computer, ect.
and followed all of the suggested fixes (update drivers, different usb port, ect.) and yet the problem persists.Im running windows vista, and im looking for
something that can either correctly format my ipod to windows vista or completely wipe my ipods hard drive so i can start fresh. Ive spent hours online looking for a solution and i dont want to have wasted 70$
if i need the disk it came with ill be able to get a hold of one somwhere. Thanks for the help -Eric

Custom Built, Windows Vista, Fast and works great