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On a MacBook Pro the SMC is install with an error.
If i start it fans run on full power and there is no info at the battery charging.
In the System Manager is SMC Verion:

I cannot instal the Firmware once again, I agree an error.

The SMC reset don't help.

I have download the Firmware form this site
but i cant install this - it says, the Mac dont need this update.

If it possibly to be installed the firmware from hand?

some, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
  • kadametz Level 1 Level 1
    it runs!

    First i use the Firmware Restoration, but can't install.
    When i press the Power button. - the sleep LED don't will blink rapidly, then slowly, then rapidly - after 2 sec the mac go off.

    The i download the SMC-Firmware.
    i opened the packages.
    in this packages i extract the Archive.pax.gz

    From MacBookProSMCUpdate.pkg i copy the
    MacBook Pro SMC-Firmware-Update.app in Applications->Utilities
    com.apple.updater.smc.macbookpro.plist in System->Library->LaunchAgents

    I open the package Applications->Utilities->MacBook Pro SMC-Firmware-Update.app and copy from MBP31_15.pkg the m75.smc file to MacBook Pro SMC-Firmware-Update.app->Contents->Resources

    then i can run the MacBook Pro SMC-Firmware-Update.app, restart the mac and there install the Firmware.
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    And after going through this procedure, is your problem solved or not?
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    Thank you for your post! I am struggling to understand the steps you did, please could you write out more detailed steps for me to follow? Your help would be much appreciated!!!!
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    OK, the problem was, by the installation of the firmware SMC an error appeared.
    No more firmware SMC was thereby installed on the MacBook. In the system manager version was indicated, the fans ran on fully power and none was indicated battery charging.

    The SMC-Firmware cannot be installed any more, there was an error.
    The SMC reset don't help and the new download Firmware gave this error - it says, the Mac dont need this update.

    So I created the Install-App myself.

    1. I download the Firmware http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1237
    (But this install package don't run)

    2. I opened the package in the Finder (right click - "show content Package")
    The Finder open a new window with the contents of the Install-App
    In the package are some folders and contents.

    3. I copy the MacBookProSMCUpdate.pkg an MBP31_15.pkg on my desktop.
    MBP31_15.pkg is the right for my System (there a more .pkg. for other Systems)

    4. I open the 2 packages - MacBookProSMCUpdate.pkg and MBP31_15.pkg (right click - "show content Package")
    In this packages i found the files Archive.pax.gz. I extract the to Archive.pax.gz on my Desktop.

    Form the MacBookProSMCUpdate.pkg->Archive.pax.gz i only copy 2 files:
    MacBook Pro SMC-Firmware-Update.app to Applications->Utilities
    com.apple.updater.smc.macbookpro.plist to System->Library->LaunchAgents

    5. The MacBook Pro SMC-Firmware-Update.app is the install-App for the Firmware, but there is no Firmware in the package.
    The Firmware for the Systems is in MBP31_15.pkg->Archive.pax.gz (or in the other packages for other Systems)
    I must to copy the firmware manual in the install-App.

    - In the MBP31_15.pkg->Archive.pax.gz was the m75.smc file (SMC-Firmware for my MacBook)
    - I open the Applications->Utilitie->MacBook Pro SMC-Firmware-Update.app (right click - "show content Package") and go to the folder Contents->Resources.
    Then i copy the m75.smc file to MacBook Pro SMC-Firmware-Update.app->Contents->Resources folder an close the window.

    6. The MacBook Pro SMC-Firmware-Update.app was completely with Firmware including.
    I can double-click on MacBook Pro SMC-Firmware-Update.app and it runs without erros.

    The App install the Firmware / restart / installing / restart and all runs fine!