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    worked great, thanks!
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    There is a UI solution available via Finder if you don't like fussing with command lines, or scripts.
    1. open finder
    2. open the Library/Preferences folder
    3. open the file
    4. Use the UI to change settings of existing items. If you do not see MouseHorizontalScroll, then add it and uncheck.

    Also, you need to do this in each account. I did not see this preference in the root /Library/Preferences folder.

    It would be nice if this were an app level setting. There are several apps where horizontal scrolling is desired, browsers, itunes, ... and others (text editors for example) where it is not desired. Would be nice to configure at an app level without having to turn mouse on/off.
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    Just want to say big thanks to LEK2 for reducing my stress levels massively. The magic mouse is pretty cool, Apple have almost designed a good mouse for once. However, no middle-mouse scroll-click functionality means that 3d artists like myself are robbed of an essential feature for navigating in 3d scenes, so in that context, my corded $4.99 no-name brand mouse, still exceeds the versatility of any mouse that Apple has ever made.




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    It would be nice to have a preference for the magic mouse that enables a three-zone feature to reduce the scroll to a center zone.  This preserves the scroll feature, but restricts it to a center zone similar to a wheel mouse.

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    is possible to do the same for the trackpad?

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    I'm a new Mac user and horizontal scrolling is driving me nuts. I can't use a spreadsheet without it scrolling around all the time. I have a new iMac which came pre-installed with Lion. The above methods have not worked for me. I've tried inputting the commnds via terminal and also used the script downloaded from here. Switching off the mouse or rebooting afterwards but still no joy. Does anyone know if this method does work with Lion as I'm having no luck? Anyone got a solution for Lion?



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    The sad reality is that Apple are incapable of making a decent mouse. Sell it to some schmuck on ebay and buy a $5 no name brand one with a USB cord and you'll be much happier.



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    I too have this problem, and posted a suggestiong that I thought might help.  If Apple would improve the mouse driver to recognize three distinct zones on the mouse, left, center and right, and three more zones for top, middle and bottom,  then allow the user to configure which zones to recognize for scrolling.


    The settings should be configurable by app since the current features work very well in read only apps such as browsers, but are useless in update apps such as word processors, program editors, ...


    Given that I am right handed, and my hand is resting on the mouse nearly all the time, I would never want the top-left corner zone to respond to scrolls in any direction.  I may also disable the right zone since my baby finger seems to trigger random scrolling.


    If you like this suggestion, please vote for it so Apple knows it might be a good way to solve this issue.

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    LEK2 - Thank you SO SO much.  I like this new mouse, except for the fact (as mentioned by others) that it drives me CRAZY in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop because the slightest brush of my finger (even when just lifting my hand from the mouse) would send my screen flying off the the side and I would loose my active items.  Very frustrating. I used the suggested code in the Terminal application - and Presto - problem solved.


    Thank you so much again!

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    Can anyone confirmt that they've been able to turn off horizontal scrolling in Lion?


    I haven't been able to get it to work for me...

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    no, it isn't true


    if you want to do it just write this code in terminal:

    defaults write MouseHorizontalScroll -bool NO


    Go to the Bluetooth Preferences panel in System Preferences, turn off your mouse with its power switch (watch in the pref panel that it has disconnected), and then re-power it, and your mouse should reconnect.

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    Ciao Raffo -


    I'm not sure what you're saying isn't true.


    The method you described has not worked for me in Lion. It did work in Snow Leopard. When I upgraded to Lion, horizontal scrolling returned. I have tried the method you describe above, repeatedly. I've even tried directly editing the plist file using xcode. That didn't work, either.


    So, I will modify and repeat the question above:


    - Can anyone confirm that they've been able to turn off horizontal scrolling in Lion after upgrading directly from Snow Leopard? (i.e. as opposed to after a clean install of Lion.)


    Thanks, Jeff

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    i did the trick on SL and now it continues to work...

    i can't help you more than this, because i don't have the aknowledge...


    anyway, with Lion there are too many problems and the upgrade isn't so useful...

    yesterday speaking with a friend we told each other: at the end, what "killer feature" do we have?


    the answer: nothing

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    I finally found a solution that works for me in Lion. I ditched the Magic Mouse and use my old Logitech USB wireless mouse and bought an Apple Trackpad. Even with that things were not great as using natural swipping reversed the scrolling on the mouse. However yesterday I discovered Steermouse. This allows me to program the mouse independently of the Trackpad. So now I have a mouse that scrolls the way I'm used to, doesn't horizontally scroll unless I consciously rock the scroll wheel and I still have all the gestures on the trackpad. I'm left handed so having the trackpad on the left of my keyboard and the mouse in my right hand works well for me. I'm a happy bunny now. Hope this helps for others.

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    jeffmefun, the MagicPrefs app works in Lion. Like you, I discovered that the terminal commands listed here do not work in Lion, but the MagidPrefs app, which is free, has a version for Lion, and it does disable horizontal scrolling (thank goodness, as it was driving me batty in Pro Tools and Sibelius). (Robert Gallup's Applescript version also did not work for me in Lion, as it is, I assume, based on the terminal commands.)