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Yesterday, I came back home and brought my MacBook Pro out of my bag. I noticed something strange: my battery had bloated (while I was walking to go back home, probably).

Can low temperatures (freeze) make batteries bloating? What else can be done this (especially yesterday where I didn't anything so special)?

Then, my uncle examined the battery (he's supposed to know better than me, but I'm not sure). He said I just had to stick* the sides and there would be no further problems. The button (5 lights indicator) is still working perfectly (I haven't put the battery back since I noticed the problem).

Is he right in saying I can continue to use my bloated battery? (I'd prefer "yes", as a new battery isn't cheap). I'm currently afraid of the battery exploding (I have heard it could).

*I'm not sure of the correct word (sorry for my english that lacks words).

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Is he right in saying I can continue to use my bloated battery

    No. Of course not. Replace it. It can leak and/or explode.
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    You need a new battery now. Although the danger of the case "exploding" are low, the swelling puts pressure on various case components and can permanently damage the computer. The first things to go are the trackpad and keyboard functions. Also a swollen battery can quickly become a leaking battery and the electrolytic chemicals inside will do fatal damage to your computer.

    The best action is to remove the battery and take it to an Apple Store. Sometimes they treat a swollen battery as defective and replace it without charge. Depends entirely on the store, so they may tell you you have to buy. Nevertheless, it's worth investigating. In short, one way or teh other, you have to repalce this battery.

    Info on temperature is here:


    Reference to the "running without a battery" issue here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2332. The article does not say how much the processor slows, but knowledgeable people here say it's either one-half original processor speed or 1 gHz.
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    Hmm... In fact, I heard it could explode, indeed. I just thought my uncle knew what he was saying (and that I was wrong, by the way). Thanks for confirming.
    I don't think I'll replace it now anway (way too much expensive).
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    Thanks for your answer.

    I have read the article. It's true it's a shame, but I don't think I'm going to buy another battery now (it's too expensive v.s. not enough reasons (I carefully watch for the A/C plug and the processor's reduced speed does not explain the price of a battery). I know my thoughts may sound "stupid" to you (as I'm considering them so also), but I can't for the moment.

    Unless you strongly advise me to re-think (in which case I'd take a break with my MacBook pro and use my MacPro instead).
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    Use the MacPro. It will be cheaper than
    1-purchasing a new battery
    2-if battery explodes - having the computer repaired
    3 - purchasing a new computer

    You can always ask your uncle to help you pay for a battery.

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    Thanks for the answer.

    For now, the bloating has only happened on the bottom side of the battery (i.e: the keyboard and trackpad aren't yet concerned by this default). Granted, if it can still leak... well, I know very well what's in a battery and what damages it can do to the skin, so I'm convinced to not use it any longer.

    As for replacing, well, if it may be free of charge, then there would be one problem less (it remains the problem that I have 1 hour and half with the train to go to the "nearest" Apple Store, but that's my concern).

    About the processor speed... It's not mentioned in "System Profiler" (which shows the full speed). Wonder what would shows various api functions... Going to test...

    Thanks again
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    <quote>You can always ask your uncle to help you pay for a battery.</quote>
    Hmm... I'd say "I can always “try” asking my uncle", knowing how he behaves

    Well, if the battery explodes, I'll be able to tell that's because of his suggestion, indeed

    Use the MacPro. It will be cheaper than
    1-purchasing a new battery
    2-if battery explodes - having the computer repaired
    3 - purchasing a new computer
    What about using the MacBook pro without battery? If I make caution, I think I may run out of troubles (just a slower processor, that's not really the end of the world). Of course, I have to take care of the A/C plug, since I haven't backed up my hard disk (well, I know... ).
    (P.S: the MacPro is used by the whole family, that's a concern).

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    Dangerous? Only if it leaks/explodes...not worth the risk. Woke up this AM to the same situation...swollen battery. Took it to the Apple store, and they replaced it without question at NO COST. My MBP is Sep 07 model...way out of warranty. The sweling problem is probably not caused by anything you did...it's the battery supplier problem.
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    Thanks for your advice. I have done so (taken the battery to an Apple shop), they said they would contact Apple about the problem (which they did), but Apple didn't accepted to replace the battery (it seems it was a too-old battery anyhow (too much cycles)). So, I finally decided to buy a new battery (it was expensive anyway, and if I have to do that every 3 years, I won't be really happy…). I have the same model as you, if I'm right.