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I could really use some help from the AirPort gurus! I have an AirPort Extreme N base station, with firmware 7.4.2. I purchased a couple of Foscam FI8908W pan and tilt cameras. I am trying to get them to work on my home network, but cannot figure it out. Personally I think it might have something to do with port forwarding, but hec I just don't know. I have tried searching for answers, but came up empty. Here is a copy of the manual for anyone if interested <http://idisk.mac.com/wheelchairguy-Public>. I have been using VMware with XP to try and setup the camera, but the camera is not found with the IP Cam setup software. I thought I might be able to directly connect to my computer with an Ethernet cable, but no go there either. Also no go with an ethernet cable plugged to the camera into the base station. I just have no idea where or what I am doing wrong. If anyone can help me, I would be very grateful.


MacBook mid 2009, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    First, please excuse my english...so bad

    Then, yes you must setup a port forwarding.
    Example: Cam is, port 80.
    Public IP adress is:

    You must configure your router in this way:
    Service: Name you want (cam for example)
    Source: public ip address
    Source port: 80
    Port dest.: 80

    That's all. Give me your model of router and I could explain where exactly setup port forwarding.

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    I'm trying to set up a wireless Foscam to my Time Capsule and also am having problems. I cannot even access the camera via a web browser using an IP address to set it up. I have it connected directly to my computer via ethernet. I can see in my Network System Prefs that it is connected and assigned an IP address, but when I punch the IP address into my browser (I've tried Safari, IE and Firefox), it can't connect.

    My modem is from Time Warner Cable and is plugged directly into my Time Capsule via Ethernet. To my knowledge I can't access my modems settings.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I bought this camera to monitor my house while away on an upcoming trip and I leave in two days.

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    Alex, I also have two foscam cameras. I have been trying to figure out how to port forward. My isp said that the dns server address changes, and that I needed to get a third party for the dns server address. I figured out my isp number, subnet, gateway, but cant figure out what dns server number to use to get these cameras working wirelessly. Any help is appreciated. I have an airport extreme with dual band. Thanks, Abe
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    Hi OneCog,

    We're also have broadband connected to TimeWarner. When I first got the camera I tried the same thing and had the same problem. I never read the docs and assume plug and play. So I just plugged the ethernet cable from my laptop to the camera directly and of course my laptop was connected wirelessly to the internet. It doesn't work that easily and don't worry about the cable modem, you never have to touch it's settings.

    I went to the http://foscam.us website and found these instructions that actually worked:

    Foscam IP Camera Instructions
    Software Insallation:

    Install from the Cd the IPCamSetup.exe file OR
    Or download the IPcamsetup.exe file from the website Foscam.us
    a) Go to the website Foscam.us

    b) Click the tool & support section (top middle section)

    c) Click on Download IP Camera Tools (for FI8908W or FI8904W)

    d) Click on IPCamSetup.rar (bottom left corner)

    e) Click on IPCamSetup.exe

    You should now have an IP Camera Tools Icon

    Hardware Installation:

    Plug the Ethernet network cable(grey wire) into the camera then into the router
    Plug the power adapter (black wire)into the camera and then into the power outlet
    Opening the Camera:

    Once` plugged in correctly, double click on the icon IP Camera Tools
    The Camera’s IP address will appear, double click on it to open the camera
    (If “subnet doesn’t match” appears , double click on it and check the box ’Obtain IP from DHCP server’ then click on OK)

    Login to the Camera:

    User: admin
    Password: (leave it blank)
    Click Login button
    NOTE: Press the first Login button if using internet Explorer or other browsers OR

    Press the second Login button if using Firefox, o r Google Chrome

    Test to see if working:

    Click on “Live Video”

    Connecting Camera to Wireless:

    Type your router Ip address unto your browser( press enter)
    (Don’t know your router IP address? SEE: Finding your router IP address)

    You may have to login or give your password. Do so.
    Under the word Wireless(on left) find ‘Channel and SSID’
    Click on ‘Channel and SSID’ write down(on paper) the SSID name
    Click on ‘Security” and write down Security type, Authentication, Encryption Technique and Pre-shared Key information
    Login back to the camera
    Double click on Ip camera tools
    Double click on camera’s Ip address
    User: admin
    Password: ( leave blank)
    Click the correct Login button for your browser
    Click on ‘Device Management’or ‘For Administrator’
    Click on ‘Wireless Lan Settings’
    Type in your SSID, Authentication Encryption technique and Pre-shared key info that you wrote down
    Press Submit
    Then wait 30 seconds
    Disconnect ethernnet network cable from the camera
    Disconnect the power plug from the camera
    Reconnect the power plug to the camera ( do not reconnect the network cable wire)
    wait till camera stops moving
    Login back to the camera
    a)Double click on Ip camera tools

    b)Double click on camera’s Ip address

    c)User: admin

    d)Password: ( leave blank)

    e)Click the correct Login button for your browser

    15. Chec k to see if camera is working by clicking on to ‘Live video’

    Connecting your Camera to the Internet

    Write down the local IP address of your camera

    (To find this address open IP Camera Tools)( it will display the IP address of the camera as htpp://[YourCamerasLocalIPAddress])

    Write down your router’s external internet IP address

    ( The easiest way to find this would be to Google “What is my IP address” and go to the first link which pops up and that is usually whatismyipaddress.com)
    Log in to your wireless router
    To do this you must enter the IP address of your router into your browser(enter)
    and then enter the username and password when prompted.

    ( If you are unsure of the ip address or username and password of your router, SEE Finding your Router IP Address )

    Directing incoming connections on your external IP address to your cameras local IP address
    a)Go through the options( on left side) find ‘DMZ’

    b)Click on DMZ

    c)set the DMZ IP address (also called “private”/”local” IP address”) to your cameras

    local IP address(by changing the last component of the number to the last or last

    two digits of your cameras IP address)

    d)Select enable option

    e)Save by clicking ‘Apply Changes’

    OR If you have more than one camera

    a)click on “Virtual Server” or “Port Forwarding”

    b) set the inbound port to 80 and the outbound port to 80

    c) Save by clicking ‘Apply Changes’

    Test it to see if you set it up correctly
    open a browser and enter your external internet ip address into the address bar and press enter
    You should arrive at your camera’s login screen if you successfully connected the camera to the internet

    NOTE: Please keep in mind that the camera’s IP address and the Internet’s external IP address can change at any time. Check and make sure that the IP addresses haven’t changed. If they have changed, use the new IP addresses.

    Finding Your Routers IP Address: (Internal)

    Refer to your router’s manual OR

    Retrieve your Routers Ip Address from Ip Camera Tool software
    Double Click on your IP Camera Tool Icon
    Then left click once on your Camera’s IP address
    Right click on it and choose ‘Network Configuration’
    The ‘Gateway’ number is your router Ip address ( write it down) OR

    view a list of default router IP addresses, usernames and passwords
    by Google searching “default router IP addresses”
    and clicking on the PDF titled “List of default Router Admin Passwords and Default Router IP” at: http://www.answersthatwork.com/DownloadArea/ATW_Library/Networking/Network__4-List_of_default_Router_Admin_Passwords_an d_IPaddresses.pdf
    Go to ‘find’ and type in the brand name of your router (press enter)
    Write down your routers IP address

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    I have the same problem. I can connect to the camera over my LAN thru firefox and it works great... I just can't figure out how to sent it out over the internet.

    The app it comes with does not work on a mac.

    Does anyone have the exact setup instructions using Apple Airport Utility and foscam over web browser?
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    no need to reply, I figured it out. Whew!
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    Okay, firstly to get the IP Camera Tools that works for a MAC in order to find and install the IP Camera, go here: http://foscam.us/blog.php/?p=68? - this blog gives you the programs and explains how to use it to install the camera on a mac

    Next, once the camera is setup you need to configure "port forwarding" on your router. Alternatively, you can setup "DMZ host". To see how to do this specifically on an airport router, click here: http://foscam.us/blog.php/?p=85