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beachnik Level 1 (10 points)
I'm replacing my MacBook HDD. Without paying close attention, I removed the 4 torx screws that position the drive in the drive bay. They also hold the shield in place.

As I went to install the torx screws in the new drive, I realized there are actually 2 types of screws - one has a little flange (like an integrated washer) on the head. And of course, I don't remember where these two torx with the flange / washer belong. Anyone one know?

I know there's a reason for this, and the Apple instructions don't detail this point.

MacBook 2.2, Mac OS X (10.4.11), MacBook 2.2 (10.5.8), iMac 8,1
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  • beachnik Level 1 (10 points)
    I had already read those instructions. Not only do they say nothing about this subject, but right there at the end of the instructions, someone has posted the question:

    "screws without the flange go nearest to the Sata connector(???)"
    ( http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Repair/MacBook-Core-2-Duo-Hard-Drive-Replacement/514 /3 )

    That question has never been answered.

    Thanks, but I'm still hoping for an answer to this.
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    Hi beachnik, when i replaced my HDD i had the same question because i had not noticed the different screws. after a while of thinking i just put it together and it worked fine. It probably doesnt matter to much because how often are you going to remove the HDD? Just put them whatever way you see fit and it will work fine. they have nothing to do with the operation of the HDD only the attachment of the shield. Dean
  • beachnik Level 1 (10 points)
    Thanks, but I'm not so sure that's good advice. If it didn't matter, they'd have built this thing with one torx screw.

    I went ahead and put it together successfully. Before I did, this is what I discovered:

    I got a flashlight and looked into the drive bay (not easy to see in there). The channels into which the torx head nest are not of uniform size. They start out wide and then quickly narrow down. So, I assumed that the torx with the flange (wider head) have to go at the tail end of the drive (opposite end of the sata connector). Otherwise, you'll probably be trying to jam a 'too thick torx' into a 'too thin plastic channel' - something's going to give, and it won't be metal.

    Anyway, that's my take on it.
  • Compactc9 Level 2 (235 points)
    I did the same thing and came to the same conclusion. The larger screws go in the back and the smaller ones go in the front. the drive went back in just fine and no cracking sounds came out, so I was happy.