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Please help me resuscitate this MacMini. I've only been a Mac owner for a couple O' weeks (after a long Mac absence starting back to when the PPC was still in full swing.) Now here I am, a recovering Mac Newbie, attempting to do repairs already!

This Mini has the last PPC supported build of OSX (X.4.11).

Upon boot, machine reports Kernal Panic to wit: "cpu0: unable to find driver for this platform: "PowerMac 10,2"."

*Here is what I have attempted thus far:*

*Everything disconnected except monitor. Still results in Kernal Panic.
*Apple Hardware Test (Extended Test.) All tests passed.
*Zapped Pram.
*Attempted Safe Boot (holding shift.) Never booted, Kernal Panic.
*Attempted fsck (CMD+S). Still Kernal Panic.
*First disk repair (via OSX install disk) failed. Numerous errors reported. But...
*Disk Warrior: Rebuilt Directory structures, ran file scan&hardware scan. Reported numerous errors and subsequently successful repairs.
*Second attempt at Disk Util Disk Repair successful. HFS volume reported as ok. Permissions Repair also successful. Still gets Kernal Panic prior to full boot.

I Can boot The Mini into Firewire Target Mode and access volume via my glorious new MacBook Pro.

Any other ideas/suggestions? I'd like repair rather than re-install if you get my drift.

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