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I bought a 16gb 3gs iphone and contract from tesco just before Xmas. The settings I have used for APN and MMS are: / tescowap / password

Unfortunately the iPhone has an annoying habit of reverting to: / vertigo / password

Has this happening to anyone else how do I fix it??? This is the 2nd iPhone since the 17th Dec I have had that is doing the same thing.


mini mac using Airport, Mac OS X (10.5.1), 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo - 2 GB
  • Graham Outterside Level 4 Level 4 (2,910 points)
    Judging by the o2 details reappearing, it suggest that either O2 are allowing Tesco to resell phones under their brand, or that you have a phone which should have been delivered to O2.

    Telephone Numbers are associated with specific networks and it looks like your number is registered with O2 and the data setup is getting its info from O2 rather than Tesco.

    Ring the Tesco helpline as its not an Apple fix IMO.
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    Just for a matter of interest, did you get anywhere with Tesco.

    This is happening to me as well... assumed the first time was because ITunes brought down a new version of phone software but can happen 3 or 4 times a day.

    I suspect that due to the actual nature of IPhone features the Tesco white labelling isn't working too well.


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    Now worked out that it also happens after coming out of Aircraft mode from time to time.

    Also Tesco advise that it can happen if you dock with non approved accessories. For example when synching with ITunes you must eject properly as opposed to just disconnecting.
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    Same problem on 32gb iphone
    After a week of emails & phone calls to tesco took iphone back for exchange.
    Same problem with new iphone.
    Settings revert back when logging on to new Wi Fi
    I'm thinking that as it reverts to o2 perhaps I should change to them.
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    I've got the same problem here with a 32GB 3GS.

    I seem to be able to recreate the problem by connecting to my home WiFi network. Once the connection is established, so my APN settings just vanish. And this happens every time the Iphone comes out of sleep mode and reconnects to the WiFi network, so I've just not bothered entering anything whilst I'm at home. I do have to enter all the data every time I leave the house, and that is irritating to say the least.
  • gandhimaster13 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    Does anybody know why this happens?

    The fix seems pretty common now (reset network settings/re-enter apn settings/reboot iphone) but it KEEPS needing to be done. Sometimes in successive days, other times weekly......etc.

    I can find no info anywhere on what triggers this behaviour.

    Come on technical genius's out there.... What do you know?

    Cheers guys/gals!
  • gandhimaster13 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    I should add that i am on my second iphone (various reasons i wont go into) over the course of a couple of years and both the original 3G on O2 and my current 3GS on Tesco have had this same random cellular data issue.

    I have WI-FI on at home and when i get to work i find my data has stopped working and i need to goto airplane mode and back again. Or update APN settings as previously stated.

    Unlike previous poster, my settings do not change back to idata or whatever, they just stop working.

    Seems like a common issue for iphones (O2??) but there is no solution from anybody so far.

    It does appear to result from wi-fi losing a connection, but that could be a red herring as obviously whilst wi-fi is connected we'd not notice the cellular data network dropping out!

    I hope somebody can help us.
  • gandhimaster13 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    just wanted to add, has anybody made a connection between performing a sync with itunes and NOT rebooting the iphone causing this issue?

    Recently i have been rebooting after sync and have not encountered this problem since then.
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    I sent my 32gb 3gs pay-as-you-go iphone back to tesco to repair this self same problem. I received a letter in which tesco admits (and I quote) "Your phone has been examined by one of our engineers and unfortunately we have found that we are unable to carry out a satisfactory repair." They packaged a brand new iphone "to ensure you are not inconvenienced in any way." And, you guessed it, the replacement iphone has exactly the same problem of being unable to retain its cellular data network settings.

    I believe tesco have been aware of this issue for some time, yet have carried on selling pay-as-you-go iphones in the hope they could find a resolution. Until today that is, when its customer care line started to announce pay-as-you-go iphones are no longer for sale - contract only. The tesco direct web site has now taken them off sale, but very quietly. They are still being advertised but you don't find out they are unavailable until you get to the the checkout.

    I have persevered with tesco on the telephone (being passed from pillar to post) insisting that the iphone is unfit for purpose in that it does not provide - and has never been able to provide - the services promised. Today they agreed to give me my money back. Lets see if I get it.
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    You can try something:

    Point your mobile Safari to . Press Continue --> Custom APN --> search for Tesco; if it's not apparent in the pull-down menu, you can enter your APN/username/pass and create a profile that will install in Settings/General/Profiles and override your Cellular Data Network APN.

    See if this works.
  • gandhimaster13 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    I have seen that site before. Is it just the same as putting the settings in the network settings myself? That always fixes it I just hoped there was a way to stop it happening. Today it happened again so the reboot after a sync didn't fix it!

    I had the same issue when my previous iPhone was on O2 so I'm guessing it's either a network or iPhone problem that can't be explained or fixed. OS problem maybe??

    So many people have it tho. Maybe everybody at some time or another.
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    Since I last posted, I've done one thing: I've told my iPhone to ignore a WiFi network at home, which was a repeater network for my main WiFi. Since then the APN settings have stayed put! They've not vanished once, although the iPhone keeps connecting to my main WiFi on a regular basis whilst I'm at home...

    Now this seems rather odd to me, as for my untrained eye there is no logical connection between an WiFi repeater (which admittedly has its own personality problems) and the APN settings for cellular data on my phone.

    Is there a connection? I'd really love this bug to be sorted, as I now cannot use WiFi whilst in the kitchen at home...
  • gandhimaster13 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    it does seem to only happen when phone leaves wi-fi zones.....

    if i leave my house and switch wi-fi off rather than let it disconnect, the data network remains connected.

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    I have an O2 PAYG bought from the Apple Store in Regent St W1. It was loosing its Data connection and reverting to idata (monthly account) at least twice a day and every time I came out of the underground. I had three new phones from Apple all with same problem plus 3 new SIM cards all with same problem.

    I fixed the problem 6 months ago by doing two things.
    1. Installed a new default APN from
    2. Reset all Settings for Celluar Data. (button at bottom of screen).

    I lost all my WiFi passwords but after re-entering them have never had another problem. The phone is now perfect and I recently upgraded to os 3.1.3.
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