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Two weeks ago I bought an iPhone after having an iPod for a couple months now. I have a question about the calendar reminders. Is it possible to let the iPhone repeat a reminder until you dismiss it? Sometimes my phone is on the table for example and I don’t hear the reminder. I like it to repeat the reminder after a few minutes so that I’m sure I’m not missing my appointment. I also like to know if it is possible to snooze an alarm?

iPhone 3GS, Windows Vista
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    I am not sure that you can snooze an alarm, maybe someone else can confirm, but you can add a second alert to a calendar item which may help you.

    After you have added the first alert, you will receive another option to set a second alert for the calendar item.

    Hope this helps.
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    With the iPhone, WYSIWYG. There are no hidden features. With Calendar, you can enter 2 alerts for an vent. After setting the 1st alert, you get an option for a second. These are at specific time intervals - 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes, 1, 2 hours, 1, 2 days - before the event. There is no snooze option.

    The User Guide is your friend for learning how to use iPhone features. It's bookmarked in Safari for the iPhone formatted version, and:

    (see pages 94-96)
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    Ok, thanks for the response. My problem is that most of the time I create my appointments within outlook (at the office) and they are automatically synced to my iPhone. When doing so it is not possible to use (set) the second alert in outlook. The strange thing is that even if I create a new appointment directly on my iPhone I don’t get the option to set a second alert as stated in the manual.
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    I also have the same problem. There should be a feature where you can have the reminder alarm you every minute continuously until you acknowledge it. Two alarms are not enough sometimes.
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    I am an Outlook/Exchange user at work. I need two reminders for many appointment - one to end a previous meeting and one right before the next meeting occurs. My old Treo had this. the Nexus 1 has this. The iPhone does not have this for a calendar synched with Exchange. Apple - please!!!

    Then make categories in Exchange correctly synchronize.

    Then get off AT&T.

    Otherwise, the BlackBerry will continue to rule in business.