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I`ve got one for you

I`ve got a recently purchased Iphone, that I`ve just set up.
Everything works fine.
BUT, I first uploaded my contact from my previous Nokia from a private mail-account that I had used for back up for my old phone.
Then I connected my Iphone to my outlook-mail on my exchange server at work.

This means that I have got 2 groups in my contact list on my Iphone, which is ok.
Yesterday I cleaned up my contact list on my phone in the "all contact" section on my phone. Deleting double registered contact cards and copying mail-adress or phone number from one of the double registered contact card to the other ( as one was from my previous phone and one was from my mail. )
So now my contact list in "all contacts" are perfect.

The question is, can I transfer this perfect contact list over to my outlook-account on the exchange server so this, which will be my only back up log, is the same as on my phone.

The contacts which was already taken from the outlook-account has been updated as they should, but I had quite a few contact from my phone ( approximately 480 ) and I did not take into account when I "cleaned up" yesterday if I was deleting the contact card from my old phone of the contact card from the exchange server.

Hopefully one of you has got a solution to my problem

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