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My MacBook Pro is a couple years old and has been a great computer until yesterday! I used it for an hour or so, left for lunch and came back to a machine that was off and wouldn't even turn on. When I push the button to turn on the computer the white light (on the button you push to open the clam shell) will come on for a couple seconds and you can hear a humming noise as though it is going to work but then there is a single beep and it quits. The computer never comes on, the screen doesn't light up, etc. Any ideas? I have the AppleCare Protection plan so I called Apple and they said take it to Best Buy which I did immediately. Best Buy says they can't do anything for it because it is a Mac so now a local (somewhat local, 45 minutes away) computer repair company will look at it tonight. Anyone else have this problem or any idea as to what is wrong with it? Thanks in advance for any responses!

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