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I bought the 2.13GHz macbook Air in late november, so it is still very new. I'm having two problems with it. First the Speaker is very, very quiet. It was popping in and out, and now it stays very quiet, even when the volume is on max. I think the speaker blew out or something. The second problem, is that the screen opens to far. The screen usually opens to about a 90 degree angle or so, but for some reason mine goes almost to a 180 degree angle. It makes the macbook air go almost completely flat. There are not any visible cracks or breaks on the hinge, so I have no clue why it is like this. So, I have the applecare protection plan, and I plan to go to the apple store this coming weekend. I was wondering, will they replace my MBA?

Macbook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    sounds like both problems are real problems, especially the second. most people complain about the Air not opening that far - so you also could be lucky winner As long as both problems were not induced by misusing the Air, don't worry.

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    I have found the speaker on the MacBook Air to always be low in volume simply due to its small size.

    You can increase the volume in some applications past 100% by adjust the EQ settings in the preamp.

    For example, on iTunes:

    Window>Equalizer>Drag slider for Pre-Amp to around +10 dB.

    VLC for videos does this too, simply by dragging the volume slider past nominal.

    The hinge may or may not be covered depending if there are crack failures on the hinge itself.
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    Thanks! Well, the speaker worked at a higher volume, but then it popped out and stayed very quiet, to the point where you have to put your ear up to the keyboard just to hear it. Thankfully, there aren't any cracks or breaks in the hinge itself.
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    "Well, the speaker worked at a higher volume, but then it popped out and stayed very quiet..."

    That's probably due to the fact that the cone has been displaced. You can try blow on it, to get the cone back into place. Rather than talk about the problems, you should get your computer fixed.