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I dont want to update 4 of my apps for various reasons, so I have just not clicked on their update button, as there was no way to make the recommendation disappear. I accidently hit the update all button the other day, and the only thing I could do is quickly pause 1 at the very early update stage and 3 at the waiting stage.

But I can't seem to get it to do anything but wait for me to resume, no matter what I try. I don't want those apps updated. What is the secret?


Itouch, iPhone OS 3.1.2
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    Let them resume. Then delete them.

    Sync to iTunes to manually install the older versions you saved on your computer.
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    thanks so much for the answer, sparky64. now i have a real stumper... i went into itunes before reading your eamil becqause i noticed that syncing i did the other day deleted most of my songs, so after checking off all the artists, I noticed itunes had started the updates downloading on my computer (I thought I could only update through my itouch) but did not catch it in time. Then I read your answer and hoped it was not too late to fix, but it might be, right? My itouch fortunately has not synced yet.
    When I tiried to do the opposite from what you said - delete the app from my Pc and let it take on the itouch version, it would not let met. any more advice - please?