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I'm having a big time troubleshoothing this. I have a couple a mac clients connecting to a Mac OS X serveur 10.6.2. Most clients are running 10.5.8 and some 10.6.2, me included. Now some users both with SL and Leopard have the following issue. When the connect to the server, navigate to a folder, the finder resets the window to there computer or home folder depending what's in there prefs. This is really annoying since if you navigate to some place on the server to copy something, it resets before you can do it! On user even has this happen when in a dialog box (like save or open) mainly from Indesign. She is running 10.6.2, a machine I just setup from the ground up. The server is also newly installed and running 10.6.2 but I also had the problem with 10.5.8 server. I also redid the whole permission on the server when I migrated from the old server to the new, redid every user. I didn't copy preferences from finder or any other system files besides colorsync profiles and prefs for Adobe CS4 so I don't think those are responsible.

Anybody as seen this? Please Help! This is driving her (and me) crazy!


iMac 24", core 2 duo, 2.8Ghz, Mac OS X (10.6.1), 4Gb RAM
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    Might get a quick, cogent response posting to the OS X Server forum.
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    Ok, done. Hope they'll be able to help:-)

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    OK, just a follow up on this.

    Looks like it's not just a Server thing, it's a Sharing thing. I have an airport Extreme with a USB drive connected to it and shared. I have the problem when I connect to it too, same thing as with our server at work. I've made a movie of the problem and posted it on youtube http://tinyurl.com/yh6ry3c.

    I've tried to show the navigation to some folder that don't exhibit the problem, and others that do show the flickering and resetting. I'm in lest view and just open some folder by expanding them. If you double click to open them, they just reset to the previous folder, or even worse, to your Macintosh HD or Home folder depeding what you're prefs are.

    Hope this will help resolve the issue.