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I just started using Numbers after using Microsoft Excel for many years. How can you freeze one or more columns and allow the columns to the right to roll under the columns you freeze? Basically freezing a column and scrolling the remaining columns.

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    Scrolling with frozen rows or columns in Numbers is different than in Excel. Only Header rows and columns can be frozen. Headers are Top and Bottom rows and Left columns (0-5 in all cases) that have special properties, among them the ability to freeze. Generally speaking, Top Header Rows are intended for Titles, as are Header Columns while Bottom Header Rows are for summary data. When an expression refers to an entire column or row, the Headers are excluded.

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    Thanks, that makes sense.
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    I have had the same problem; I've read the instructions / Help section many times, and it seems that I should be able to freeze the first column (or several) but when I try that option, what happens is nothing like I expect (based on Excel). Are you saying that it IS possible to hold the left-most column in place when the rest of the spreadsheet is scrolled across? I have not been able to make that happen despite many tries. Thanks very much. If it IS possible would you please expand on the cryptic so-called help screen message?
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    Here, applying exactly what is described in the user guide, I get the correct behaviour :

    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) vendredi 5 mars 2010 19:47:33
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    Yes, it is possible to freeze the leftmost column. The column MUST be a header column. You can have up to five header columns and they will all be frozen (or not).

    The table that is in the Blank template has a header column so let's start there.
    Create a new document based on the Blank template.
    Select the table.
    Go to the Table menu and click on Freeze Header Columns.
    That's all there is to it.