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As my last computer was dying I was able to create a backup disk on itunes to use with my new computer. When I got my new computer, I put in the disk and had no problems transferring all of my songs, pictures, and videos to my new itunes. Now when I want to sync my iphone to my new computer it is saying that I must erase and resync with the new computer, but I am worried that I will lose all of my contacts and other information that I have stored on my iphone. Can anyone tell me if this is a legitimate concern, and if so what I can do to keep my contacts, mail, and other information on my phone but at the same time be able to put my new songs on my phone as well.

Thanks in advance for any help!

iphone 3gs, Windows 7
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    Do the following & you'll be OK since you've moved your itunes library:

    First, disable auto sync when an ipod/iphone is connected, under preferences in itunes, which in windows is in the edit menu.
    Connect your phone, DO NOT SYNC.
    Next, go up to Store>Authorize this computer.
    Next, File>Transfer Purchases.
    Next, make sure you have at least one contact & one event in whatever supported program you use for that purpose. They can be fake, it doesn't matter.
    Right click the phone in the device pane & select "Reset Warnings".
    Next, right click again & select BACKUP.
    Next, restore your phone from the backup you just made.
    This must be followed by a sync to restore your itunes content. Which is selected from the various tabs. You should get a prompt regarding your contacts & calendar asking to "merge" or "replace", when you sync. Select "merge"

    This is what's included in the backup you'll make & restore from:


    This is how to restore from that backup, as already referenced, when prompted to create another backup before you restore, decline as we will use the backup we made when we started:

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    You're welcome .