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Danny Mc G Level 1 (0 points)
I have recently bought a Platinum Pinnacle Dazzle DVD Recorder, this device allows me to record gameplay from my PS3 and put it onto my iMac (Capture Card) I nought the Windows version of the software and I need the iMac compatible one but I don't want to go into the shop and spend another £50 on it when I already have the Hardware. Does anyone use Dazzle too? To record their gameplay.
All I need is a Dazzle DVC100 Driver to help run the hardware. I have it connected and it all works, just need to view it on my iMac now. Any advice?

If all else fails, i'll just have to go and buy an iMac compatible one.

Also, what software would you recommend for editing, I intend on making a Montage (A video clip of my best gameplay on Modern Warfare 2 with some nice editing)

P.S. I'm only new to this, but I am 16, and I have an A in my GCSE ICT, so I know a good bit about computers.

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