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WimYogya Level 1 Level 1
quite frequently i get the error message 'the itunes library can not be saved'.
no clue why not and what i should do.
that is a very ineffective error message, it is like a doctor who says 'your blood is not good' without any additional information or advice.
apple developers: please give more details and instructions.

about the given message: what should i do if it appears? many users report the same message, but i can not find a clear advice. i have no other choice to ignore the message. it seems that does not matter: i can continue working and do not seem to loose information. is that correct?

Acer Aspire 6935G (Vista) & Aspire 1410 (7), Windows 7, 2 laptops, one with Vista, one with Windows7
  • Katrina S. Level 7 Level 7
    Normal causes for not being able to save a file on a PC are
    - not enough room
    - files permissions are not correct
    - another program is using that file

    I've been getting that error lately a few times since I moved to a slow laptop.
    I never got this error on my desktop PC. Mine comes with an error code of 13019. It seems to save OK later.

    iTunes updates the library file every time a song is played (to update the Last Played and Play Count fields). It also saves edits to actual track info that doesn't get saved in the MP3 tags.

    That being said, I make regular backups of my library database file. At least weekly, and more often if I've added lots of music and done a lot of editing.
  • WimYogya Level 1 Level 1
    Hi Katrina,
    As far as i know none of the reasons you mention triggers the error message in my case. But if the error message is usually harmless and i can continue working it means two things:
    - i don't have to worry
    - the message is useless: why alert people vaguely if there is no real reason.
    I hope Apple developers (and other software developers as well) pay more attention to their error messages, they are often vague or full of expert slang: 'access violation because of memory overflow' (just example).

    A message like 'Your iTunes library can not be updated at the moment. Try again later' makes already more sense than 'The iTunes library can not be saved' (which suggests it is getting completely lost or messed up...
  • Katrina S. Level 7 Level 7
    I agree, a lot of PC error messages are complete nonsense.

    +As far as i know none of the reasons you mention triggers the error message in my case.+
    Something's causing it. Like I said, I never saw this on my old desktop system and now I see it a few times per week on my laptop.
    I think it's because I have different security software installed. For all I know, the security software is scanning the library file right when it's trying to be saved by itunes. I don't feel like troubleshooting it since as you say, it seems to get saved OK later.