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I've been trying to set up a separate email account for my wife with no success. I've gone to Preferences clicked the plus sign, it then asks for full name (my wifes'?) email address (would that be the one I pick for her or my email address?) and password- I'm assuming that's the password I use to get my email. It tells me it's checking connection to mail server and then says login to "POP failed".

Thanks for the help.


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    New email accounts should be created and set up first with your email service provider--contact them for information about how to do that. Just making up a new address and typing it into Mail's preferences doesn't create a new email account.

    Edited to add: In addition, you probably want to establish a new user account for your wife on your Mac, so that you and she have separate folders and inboxes for your mail, once she has her own account set up. Separate user accounts also mean the two of you can have separate bookmarks on your browsers, separate document folders, and so on--almost as if you each had your own computer.

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