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Does anyone know if there has been a driver update for the old Soundsticks I? I have read an older thread about many folks having issues with them working in Leopard. It's just frustrating because they are perfectly good speakers but rarely ever work when plugged in. Occasionally I'll get lucky, and they will work. These are the older USB Soundsticks, not the new Soundsticks II with the 1/8th inch jack (wish I had those).

I would just love to get these things working. Thanks!


MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Does anyone know if there has been a driver update for the old Soundsticks I?

    Check Harman/Kardon website. Any driver update would be listed there.
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    I don't think the sound sticks actually rely on any drivers under recent OS versions, yetisalmon.

    You might want to check your sound preferences, and in "audio midi setup", to make sure that the settings are correct.


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    Thanks. Well it has something to do with the USB. When I plug the soundsticks in, 90 percent of the time my computer doesnt even recognize that anything is even plugged in! Quite frustrating. Maybe it has something to do with USB 1.0 vs USB 2.0? I dont know. Thanks for the responses folks.
    I also checked the Harman/Kardon website to no avail.
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    Could be a cable problem , perhaps, yetisalmon, given that it is to some extent "intermittent"?

    Does the USB port work normally otherwise? If not then a PRAM reset might be in order.


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    I have Soundsticks 1 running on 10.6.2. My Soundsticks don't work when I first start my iMac. With Leopard the problem occurred intermittently, but with Snow Leopard it happens every time. System Preferences/Sound cannot see them.

    But I have a reliable solution. Once the iMac has started, I briefly unplug the Soundsticks USB plug and then plug it back in. Bingo! Soundsticks then appears in Prefs and all is well. A bit tedious but not the end if the world.