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My boss works off a PC and uses a CardScan database to keep track of his contacts but he recently bought an iPhone and wants to be able to access all of those contacts.

Is there a way to Sync the CardScan database to Address Book or would everything have to be moved over manually?



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    Sync, as in real-time updates? Yes, on a Mac.


    Also, I would think that the CardScan software can export the contact data as vCards or a .csv file, either of which can be imported into Address Book.

    Or, are you using 'Address Book' generically - there is no Address Book on a PC, but there is Windows Address Book and MS Outlook, either of which can be synced with a CardScan database on a PC, and iTunes can then sync Windows Address Book or MS Outlook contacts to the iPhone.

    It's not entirely clear what you're trying to do, and which computers are involved.
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    (I am the lead developer of CardScan for the Mac.)

    There is no way that I can think of to sync CardScan on Windows directly with an iPhone Address Book.

    The Mac version of CardScan Executive can sync directly with the OS X Address Book, but that doesn't help your boss if he needs to work on a PC.

    However, CardScan on Windows does sync with Exchange/Outlook and other contact managers, and the iPhone can sync (through iTunes) with many of the same contact managers. I think the solution is to find a contact manager on Windows that iPhone/iTunes syncs with, and set up CardScan to sync with that contact manager. I'd be surprised if your boss is not already using Outlook, so I'd start there.

    Please let me know if I can clarify any of this.

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