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  • Omek Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow...and I thought at least the new models would have this fixed. I'm still shocked they're selling so many of them.

  • kaotik78 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just a follow up. I came home today and noticed my monitor was not working. Moved the mouse, tapped the space bar on the keyboard, nothing. Unplugged the 27" Cinema Display from my Mac Pro into my MacBook and nothing. Wouldn't even charge the laptop using the power cord from the monitor.


    I think it's been about a month since I had Applecare replace the entire LCD screen for the grey smudges, now the power supply has gone out. Has that happened to anyone else on here?


    Never have I had so many issues with hardware than with these displays.

  • Mattand Level 1 (0 points)

    I've only been half-following this thread. Have the new non-optical drive iMacs been suffering from the smoke/water stain LCD issue? I would imagine that since they're bascially welded shut, dust is going to have a hard time getting in there.

  • macuser8888 Level 1 (0 points)


    @mattand This should answer your question. I just wiped my monitor clean yesterday. Took side shot so you can see it's the new model...

  • Omek Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm not really sure we can tell if there are grey smudges unless the iMac is turned on. Is this dust under the screen that you're showing us?

  • marcin80 Level 1 (0 points)

    I got late 2012 iMac as a replacement for late 2009 after Apple Care expired - big plus to Apple - which had the same screen issue and the display was replaced 3 times, however, new machine is developing these smudges in the corners of the screen too. Looks like a trip to Apple store / service center again...

  • T_Bro54 Level 1 (15 points)

    When I picked up my iMac after the screen replacement last week I tried to get more information about the problem from the employee. He downplayed the problem and said they don't see it often. It sounded like he was using a scripted answer to the question.

  • DeepRoot Level 1 (0 points)

    I got a call from Apple. Apple Engineering. He left a long voice mail message how he wanted to discuss what I mentioned on this forum and that my issue would be taken care of too. I realized I made mention of a 2012 iMac when it was really a 2011. I received it December 2011. So when I called back and left a voice mail with him I stated the mistake but nonetheless that it's a 2011 replacement iMac having the same issue as the iMac it replaced. He never got back to me. That was 2 weeks ago. It appears they think they've solved this issue with the new thinner iMac hence the interest in why I mentioned having this issue with the newer iMac. The picture posted by macuser8888 doesn't look like the issue most of us have been having. Apple sure was nice to you, marcin80. I'd be curious to see if they call you, being you have a late 2012 iMac. This is all so disgusting.

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    I just had my LCD panel replaced, the onsite tech did a fabulous job ensuring that there was no dust/moisture between the glas and LCD before he left. He encouraged me to turn my background color to white and really look it over before I left. A month later my power supply died on the same Cinema Display, wouldn't power up, wouldn't charge a laptop. Applecare said given the nature I had to bring it in for service. When I did bring the monitor in, the tech did the same thing I did, tried different outlets for power, tried different laptops, nothing. He said "it must be the power supply". Two days later I get a call saying that the monitor is ready for pickup. When I went to pick it up I requested that I test/check before I leave. Sure enough, there was all sorts of dust/hair inside the panel. I was dissapointed and asked that a tech take it back and fix it. After waiting for a bit, someone did go out back and fix it. What dissapoints me was why was this not done before. Seemingly easy fix would have been to ensure that there was no dust/hair behind the glass before returning it to the customer. In short I believe this cycle will continue until the design is changed and/or new LCD panels are used to replace the obviously probalamatic LG panels. It would have been nice to have a matching monitor/mac combo but now I'm going to look at other alternatives. So to those who have this problem, ask to check the screen before you leave the store, it's not acceptable for there to be all sorts of debris between the glass and the LCD.

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    This is the very reason I hesitate on having my LCD replaced. All you need is one spec of dust to get inside and it'll drive you crazy!


    Update from my last comment made. Apple did call me after all. He didn't get back to me because of urgent family business. I was offered to have my LCD replaced. He spoke of a program(s) they had in place for this situation. So Call Apple, folks! He thought I didn't have AppleCare. One of these days I'm going to have someone come to the house and replace it. It just isn't that bad yet. This time around it has lasted over a year with minimal smuding showing. Of course there shouln't be anything at all. This display should be pristine.

  • kaotik78 Level 1 (0 points)

    Don't hesitate, get it repaired, they can and will make it right, but you just have to keep on them about it. The sooner you do the better off you'll be. I understand completely, how it feels to have to have it repaired, the possibility of opening up another unknown can of worms, and mostly it's true but there's no reason why they can't fix it right, the first time though, is usually not the case now. I wouldn't tolerate any smudging of any kind, considering the price point and how I use this for work, color correction. I was chasing my tail for a bit when I had the grey smudges thinking I had ruined a project I was working on, but it was the monitor.

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    Hi Guys, I have been an apple user for about the last 12 years and have had many macs. The last imac (27 inch) I had, purchased in early 2011 developed the smudge marks inside the screen about half way up on both sides of the screen. I had apple care and they were very good and sent an engineer to replace the screen. The apple support guy I spoke to said that they notices more of this for machines that were used in a high humidity environment (I live in HK) however I explained that I had aircon and de-humidifier on pretty much every day. Anyway, I was very happy with the service and sold my imac in November last year. I ordered one of the new models which arrives just before christmas. I was/am very happy with it, got the highest spec possible and the speed of this machine is amazing. Anyway about 3 weeks ago I started noticing smudge marks appearing again, this time on the bottom left hand corner (see photo - the marks are under the screen). I have apple care but have not yet contacted apple about this as wanted to see if it would go away or get worse. Just wanted to share for the moment as I also thought that this problem would go away with the new model - looks like that is not the case!!


    I wonder how they will fix it as the screen on the new model is going to be much more difficult to replace. I will update this post of developments as think I will be contacting apple very

  • macuser8888 Level 1 (0 points)

    yes, it's dust under the screen. i don't have the smudges issue (yet). should i be escorted to another thread? haha

  • BDAqua Level 10 (121,630 points)

    Well, if you think anybody could be of help with your issue, feel free to ask a new question to get maybe more help!


  • Sven Weidenmann Level 1 (25 points)

    I both my iMac 27" Dezember 2011 with apple care. First they tryed to clean the screen and then replaced it. Now it is good. I have my mac running every day. Don't know if this a indicator having this problem or not.

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