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    Looks like LCD panel de-lamination, which would require replacing the LCD panel. This happens to LCD and LED TV's all the time.

    There are two plastic polarizer sheets laminated to the outside of the glass, one horiz, one vertical. When the glue starts coming loose, or de-laminating from the glass, it results in a darker smudge, a blob shape, with irregular edges. There is no fix but to replace the panel, so, learn to live with it or replace it.

    My guess is uneven glue or glue solvent application on the assembly line.

    I have 35+ years as a TV repairman, now with Best Buy.

  • chintan the kalra Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    sir!! two years following this thread and you said it.. thank you! apple please communicate like this like we expect you to. thank you!

  • jonathan peirce Level 1 Level 1 (55 points)

    I had the same (?) problem. Grey smudges across my screen. I solved it by using a hair (blow) dryer on the screen for about 15 seconds on low heat back and forth across the smudges. You can see them disappear. Guess mine was just condensation.


    That being said, seems like it could have been better designed...



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    I'm having the same issues with the LCD screen. It's showing gray smudges top center of screen and what looks to be light rays extending down a couple inches. 


    Took it to Apple store in Philly and they won't repair for free since I'm 3 weeks past warranty. The manager said "he's sorry but I should have gotten Apple Care, and he has to enforce the one year cut off date".


    That said, it will cost $439 to replace the LCD.


    C'mon Apple. Highly dissapointed. This machine is only a year old! ***!!!!!



    21.5 inch iMac mid-2011

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    Add me to the list.


    Refurb iMac bought Sept. 2011. Same grey smudges.


    Luckily I bought an extended warranty, Reported it Monday and collected by an Apple service agent on Wednesday.

    Phone call from them Thursday to explain that it would require a replacement display panel. After a short discussion about what has been posted on here, he confirmed that Apple still refuse to acknowledge there's an issue with the LCD, even though he has replaced many, many displays with the same problem. He was reluctant to say I would be trouble-free with the new LCD, probably because Apple have done sod all about it.


    One bonus - the Mac was running very slowly so's I asked them to investigate. Result was a failing HDD, so I'll be getting a new one as well as the display.


    Bit of win I suppose. Expect the smudges to return at some point.

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    I didn't have extended warranty...purchased in India...maybe the humidity/pollution (?!!!) had it taken in for replacement go...moved to NZ and  just kept ringing and complaining periodically to see if they had changed their policy...and eventually they changed the screen...there wasn't an explanation about it in the reporting sheet so no reason for it happening unfortunately


    took 2 years mind you and the fact that we are big apple buyers..everything else but until I find out the imacs are successfully fixed I won't repurchase one...I hope not using it fr games and running it hot helps prevent it from recurring



    I think it is a shame that Apple haven't acknowledged this...imagine what good publicity they would get about being one of the better and more ethical companies if they came out about it and addressed all their issues that way...they would also attract more customers...

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    Add me to the list as well. Started seeing grey smuge in my 2012 Macbook Pro shortly after warranty expeired. Apple store genius's said it was the fault of the apple logo on the front of the laptop cauing pressure and heat issues. I.E. NOT MY FAULT! Apple, then why are you asking for $320 to fix a problem that you should be fixing for free. It's a defect. Terrible costomer service.

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    Hey all, this is on a 27" 2011 imac. Still under warranty in Australia, so i'll see if i can get this replaced (let you all know how it goes), but it definitely sounds like the issue that others are experiencing! pretty shocking really - it grew from one small smudge to this. Has happened more than once, the first time i contacted apple care and they told me to reset the PRAM.. Now i think i will just go in with the pictures, as it tends to disappear when the imac has been left for a few hrs. They do not seem to be aware of this? tends to occur when im doing my audio stuff (when it is doing high intensive work) so i feel heat must be part of the issue?photo.JPG

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    I had a similar problem so I went to the genius bar in the Apple store in Cardiff (Wales) and they sorted it out I had my Mac back in 2 days I had 2 months left on my Apple care thank God the customer service was absolutely first class and this is what they did to correct the problem


    Warranty Status: Protection Plan(A)

    Model: IMAC (21.5-INCH, MID 2010)

    Date of Purchase: 10-Oct-10

    Serial No:



    Parts and Services

    Item NumberDescriptionPriceAmount Due
    661-5799LCD Panel, 21.5", with LED Backlight Board£ 275.00£ 0.00
    S1490LL/AHardware Repair Labor£ 24.00£ 0.00
    £ 0.00
    Total£ 299.00£ 0.00



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    Add me to the list...just hoping apple will recall this. IMG_0003.jpg

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    Yep, same as mine. Only mine is more on the right side. Still no sign Apple is doing any can google actions being taken online though. Just don't say the 'p' word. Apple doesn't like that.

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    ****!! This just happened to me tonight. Was there 20 mins ago but is now gone. I've had this iMac since early 2010 and this is the first time I have seen this smudge. I was planning on selling my iMac next month for roughly $850-1000 (paid $2400) but looks like i won't be able to do that now. Although it has served me well up until now, I am extremely disappointed


    I'm located in Australia. If anyone reading this had theirs serviced in Australia and it was out of warranty please let me know how you went. Thanks.



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    I'm really unhappy with my 27 in iMac. This sort of thing shouldn't happen to a computer costing so much money.

  • Ranjoharbri Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    You had more luck than I have with Apple Cardiff Viv. They refused to replace my grey smudge marked screen.
    They said it was down to external contamination. What a load of nonsense.

    The problems with their LCD's is a well documented design/manufacturing problem, and Apple have ignored so many customers complaints that it's become a total farce.
    I for one won't be spending any more of my hard earned cash with this company.


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    Post pictures guys...otherwise it's just Talk...don't be lazy.

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