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    How long did the repair take? And what city are you in?


  • acmeconsultinggroup Level 1 (5 points)

    I recently had mine repaired under AppleCare. The tech that came out to the house told me that he's seen this before and that it's due to the LCD "bleeding". The bottom line is that he had to replace both the LCD and the glass. Problem solved!

  • Eurodriver7 Level 1 (0 points)

    The repair was quick - about 24 hours.  I live in the UK - near London.

  • ann_ca Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem with my iMac 27" (mid 2011)... The smudges and marks started on the top left side of screen and now on the right side.. it feels like it’s getting worse and worse every week. So I took my iMac to Genius Bar today and I was hopping they can “magically somehow clean it up".. But unfortunately apple guy checked my iMac and told me there is no option for cleaning those marks.. and the LCD needs to be replaced. Now I’m just reading your comments and I must say: I’m very jealous of those who got lucky and got a replacement for free under quality program. I don’t have apple care so my replacement can cost me $540 (Los Angeles area, California)… so not gonna happen.. I’m just afraid that in few months my screen will look really bad. And now it’s tricky to work on retouching photos.. I'm really disappointed...

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    I seem to be having a similar issue, however mine doesn't look like it does in any of the pictures or videos I've seen on this. On my 2011 27" iMac there is an egg-shaped silver-coloured mark in the top right quarter. The mark is clearly visable when the machine is turned off, and when it is turn on becomes semi see-through.

    To be honest it looks like condensation! But how could there possible be condensation on the inside of the screen? I've attached a picture here of how it looks with the iMac turned off:


    It's worth noting that a couple of months ago I had the iMac repaired at an Apple Store due to a graphics card failure. Could this be covered under the warrenty of that work? (the iMac itself is now out of warrenty)

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    Correction: Late 2009 iMac 27" (if that makes any difference)

  • sorenmccleod Level 1 (0 points)

    Update: It seems that it is indeed condensation. After about an hour of the iMac being turned on and the screen now warming up, the mark has halved in size. I'll leave it running all day and see if it disappears entirely.

    So my question then is how on earth has condensation gotten inside the screen? The only thing that has changed in this room recently is I have moved it from one side to the other (now further away from the window than it previously was)

  • iCare Level 4 (1,765 points)

    Have you looked at the environment where your iMac is being used to see if it is contributing to this issue? Are you using the computer in a basement or other area where the relative humidity is high, giving the opportunity for the moisture to condense out when it hits a cooler surface such as the glass on the iMac before the iMac has warmed up? If there are windows in the room where the iMac is being used, do you notice condensation forming anywhere on the windows during certain times of the day?



    Running the system for an extended period of time will help drive out any moisture, however the iMac is not a completely sealed system, so if the conditions are right in your environment the issue could return depending on the seasons and relative humidity. In areas where condensation is an issue it is common to install de-humidifiers.

  • John Hall Level 1 (5 points)

    My iMac has been in two different cities and developed the same screen issue. Plus my screen just stayed discolored or smudged or whatever it is but it was always there once it appeared and progressively got worse. It would not matter if it had been on for a long time or off for a long time it was always the same, just growing over time.


    I'm speaking in the past tense because I finally bit the bullet and lugged it into my closest Apple store and just as the first time the service I got was fantastic. They put in a new screen for no charge with my AppleCare no questions asked. Plus they actually had the screen in stock so it was finished in just 4 days. They were even able to get me checked out while they were having issues with their system today. 


    Overall happy with everything but if it shows up again I'm not going to wait a year to take it in again. Hope I don't have to and can hand this computer down to my son when I upgrade.

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    I'm just throwing my hat in to this.  I've had to have the screen replaced 3 times now I think.  I've kind of forgoten because there have been multiple trips to the Apple Store for this issue.  It's getting really old.


    No smoking.  No crazy humidity levels.  Nothing even remotely abnormal.  So another trip on Monday to the store.  There needs to be another solution.


    A 75 page thread about this issue is no small feat.

  • Humble Pie Level 1 (5 points)

    kmfurdm -


    This thread would be closer to 150 pages if Apple didn't redact it so often. Most of my comments have been removed. I've had to replace my screen three times.


    Same thing as you; we're a non-smoking household in Wisconsin. We originally had this problem when we lived in Albuquerque; one of the most arid parts of America. And yet Apple takes no responsibility. I have to beg/scream/cajole them into honoring Apple Care's explicit statement that they'll do in house repairs for free.


    They have replaced my iMac once. I have been told if the problem occurs again they will replace my iMac again. However, when I called in September to schedule a replacement/repair Apple has mysteriously lost my repair requests. Now, I can't get anyone on the phone...or on the website...or via convenient for Apple.


    I'm done buying Apple products. I might stick with the phone but the desktops are a waste of money.

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    By the way, I've left over 15 messages on this thread. However, you'll find only one. And soon it will be gone just like the others.

  • Anthony Jefferies Level 1 (5 points)

    When I took my iMac in to have the hard drive replaced due to a recall they fixed this problem too without me asking, now if they could also fix the optical drive problem I would be happy. It appears that Apple will not admit to a fault such as this and you are on your own when looking for a fix.

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    Hi guys,


    I am considering buying a new iMac, models recently announced after October 2013. But after reading this post, I am really getting worried.


    Does this problem persist on the new models, or is it just for the old models? Thanks a lot.

  • threegroup Level 1 (0 points)

    So my mid-2011 27" iMac with AppleCare just started showing signs of this problem.  After reading about it and speaking to an online rep, they insisted I had to take the computer to an Apple store for service (saying an in-home service was not an option).


    I live in the city of Pittsburgh -- so a major metro area -- and as I started packing up my computer and realizing that I wasn't keen on lugging around this massive compouter for fear of damaging it, I decided to take a look at the AppleCare Protection Plan booklet to read the fine print.


    If you flip to page 20 in the AppleCare Protection Plan booklet, it reads:


    "Onsite service is available for many desktop computers if the location of the Covered Equipment is within 50 miles (80 kilometers) radius of an Apple Authorized Onsite Service Provider."


    So I just now called Apple support, read this sentence word for word to the rep on the phone, and he acknowledged that I am indeed eligible for this service.  Naturally, there aren't any AASPs in Pittsburgh, so I have to take it into the Apple Store.  I'm frustrated by this, but I wanted to share this fine print with others on here -- hopefully you can use it if Apple resists your request to have an in-home service and there is a nearby AASP.

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