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  • javabean252 Level 1 Level 1

    I have seen the same thing for the past year but ignore it to my best but as of late I am having random power cycles.  So the two items brings me to beloeve that there is a bigger problem at hand. 


    The iMac 27 inch top right of the screen has the power supply and the video controller on the very far right.  The grey smudging is not the glass.  It is very likely a damaged LCD from heat from the power supply and perhaps the video controller. I have a temp gun that I use for work and I was able to shoot the screen in areas and found the temp readings on the top right were much higher that makes me think that there is a over heating issue.


    This is a major problem and I would hope apple would step up and make it right.  I am taking my imac in this week to have it looked at in more detail.  I will take it through the process with apple but I am going to demand that I have a new power supply and video controller along with an LCD. 


    With how many posts that are experiencing the same issue it would stand to reason that there is a heat issue damaging LCD.

  • theSandyBear Level 1 Level 1

    I love the iMac, especially the later ALU editions. However, my 24-inch, 2008, is now a bit over 4 years. Within the 3 year Apple Care period the screen was replaced 4 times for this issue. Now, a year after the last replacement the smudge is back, larger then ever before and a slightly different "color". Apple stated also "environmental factors, unique to my placement" to be the reason for the problem, but I have had no problems with any other monitor in the same room, on the same desk. As many have stated before me, I believe it to be a combination of the heat buildup and a sensitive white backlight diffuser. The screen now is virtually useless for the photo editing it was initially bought for, and will probably end up in the kids room.

    While I've mentally written off this 2800 USD BTO 24" iMac, I am very wary to buy an iMac replacement - is this LCD screen issue solved in the newer models?

    I already have a MacMini hooked up to my TV as a media center, works fantastic, but not sure its suitable for my needs on the desktop. The Mac Pro, might be the way to go to avoid these iMac specific smudges but will be (too) expensive.

    I miss something between the Mac Pro and the Mini, maybe similar to the old G4 Cube for some expandability and customization...

    ...or what...???

  • Vectorkraft Level 1 Level 1

    The problem was not solved in later models (see my earlier posts), in fact Apple refuses to acknowledge it in the first instance. It's a very sad state of affairs to be honest.


    I wouldn't buy one again, £2,000 is just too much for a computer that can't seem to last the course.


    Judging by the quality problems of their other recent products, this is what happens when products are made in third world sweat shops.

  • tiffylou Level 1 Level 1

    My iMac 27" started developing these gray smudges in the corners. Hopefully this gets resolved.

  • Ranand Level 1 Level 1

    My 3 rd LCD and as javabean252 correctly has identified the heat source is the iMac itself damaging the LCD. I am going to get it replaced since I did not buy a product that self destructs over time by design!

  • Kev the builder Level 1 Level 1

    I have had the same problem over the last two years with my 24" I-Mac. I have had some success with a program called SMC Fan Control. By regulating the speed of the cooling fans, I have found the issue is greatly reduced. At first it went away completely however lately I have needed to increase the fan speed to keep it at bay.


    Good Luck

  • Mikkael_Bristol Level 1 Level 1

    I'm going to try your technique of Fan speed. At what speed have you set them up ?



    I'm highly disapointed by Apple on that one. LG display in a £2500 machine and failing after 2 years ? Doesn't sound really good !I have a lot of those marks now and It start to blur the display which is rather annoying.

    I haven't tried to take it back to an apple store yet but as I can see by the previous post it looks like a default from the design and Apple is litterally ignoring us and trying to avoid a massive product call back. But if Honda has just recalled one of their car after a couple of years, I'm sure that in good hands, Apple could be forced to admit the fault and recall the faulty Imac display.

    FIngers crossed but as I can see, there is already 59 pages of un-happy customers with this topic and apple hasn't make a move.

  • Kev the builder Level 1 Level 1


    The intent is to reduce the temperature of the display in the effected area, as I believe the issue is caused by overheating. The speed you set the fan to will depend on the type of usage and the enviroment the machine is operating in. i started high and worked my way down to the minimum level that still would control the issue. The sound of the fans can be a nuisance.


    Good Luck,

  • NJ_Lowe Level 1 Level 1



    I have a late 2010 Imac 27" which I bought from new. I was excited by the purchase of my first Mac and was to be used for Photography and video editiing.

    I have now got dark smudges encrouching from the top right hand corner... I have read many posts on this subject and am dissapointed that Apple have not taken the responsibility. Has anyone out there had a replacement screen through applecare? I all but hold out hope.


    I did recently notice something interesting though.... On the underneath of my wireless keyboard I have the same smudge pattern that has formed. It is obviously dust as you can wipe it clean. My thought was is there a static issue with some of the materials that are being used that is attracting the dust through shabby screen build quality?


    Another sad moment last night when My hardrive failed... Grey screen of death! Found an article where apple are offering a straight replacement as they are aware of some Seagate HDD being prone to failure. A trip to the apple store is in order tomorrow. I will be asking about the screen at the same time.


    I'll let you know how I get on!

  • Nathan Hill1 Level 1 Level 1

    Have had screen replacements on both my 2009 27" iMac and only yesterday took my 2011 27" iMac for screen replacement under Applecare.  Tellingly the "Genius" didn't even bother to switch on the machine and check for the issue, just booked it in with instructions for new screen and backlight to be fitted.  We have two iMac at work that have suffered the same issue and my Father-in-laws iMac suffres from this as well.  All these iMac have been in totally different environments.

  • Iain Ferguson Level 1 Level 1

    Last week I found out about the extended iMac 1TB Seagate Hard Drive Replacement program and booked my 2009 (Nov) iMac in to my local Apple store this morning.  While the Genius was booking it in I mentioned I was not happy with the grey smudge marks on my screen, which to be honest are not too bad compared to some people's photos. He ran a diagnostic check and happilly reported to me that they would indeed replace my screen.  The Hard drive was in stock but they needed to order in a screen so will probably be near the weekend when it is ready to collect.  My hard drive has been on 24/7 and have had no problems with it, but glad to  be getting it replaced if there was a chance it might fail. 


    So all credit to Apple for their service.  My iMac was not covered by Applecare and all this work is being done free of charge (Invoice total was over £600 for both items).    I will be buying a new iMac as soon as they become available and will got for a full spec 27" including a 3TB Fusion Drive.  I think I will take out AppleCare this time, just in case Apple's after service is not so generous in the future. 

  • Huw Williams Level 1 Level 1

    I collected my 2009 imac 27" from the Liverpool One Apple Store yesterday after living with two different kinds of display smudge  for most of the past 3 years. I kept putting it off because of the hassle and because it wasn't having a major impact on the use of the machine despite dust marks covering most of the display. My Applecare is about to expire so I had to get my act together and take it to the Mac 'hozzy'

    Anyway, its back now and looks brand new again.

    Staff at the Apple Store were excellent and didn't question the issue(s) for a second. I casually queried the possibility of a recurrence of the problems, and the Apple guy diplomatically denied any knowledge of the problem's history or the maintenance side of the business so I didn't persue the point.

    The new display has the usual 12 month warranty, so I suppose it will be going back if it develops the dreaded blotches.

    I had to smile on Tuesday watching Phil Schiller reveal the new imac.

    At one point he talked about the ultra slim profile of the new machine and how the old one had a 2mm air gap behind the glass. The new imac has a new one piece laminated display with no air gaps!

    Looks like the next generation of imac owners won't experience the disappointing problems we've all had on this thread.

    About time. Long live the imac!

  • Omek Level 1 Level 1

    I don't think screen replacements are ever going to work with the 2009-2011 models, but it would be nice if Apple actually decided to offer some sort of trade-in for the newer models.


    It seems very convenient that they re-engineered the the screen design to shield it from the hot hardware, which tells me they know exactly what's wrong with the older models but are never going to admit it.

  • nikki_k Level 1 Level 1

    Glad to know that the new model will likely not have this issue that we are all dealing with.


    Wanted to update you guys on my screen. Since july or so I was dealing with this same smudge issue, as i read many comments here, i was looking into getting my screen replaced, since I am still under the 1 year warranty.


    I work on my computer everyday so it's very hard for me to bring it in and not have it for like a week. I had went away for about 4 days and turned off my imac. When i came back the smudges were almost not visible...strange i thought. I had went again on vacation this time for about 7 days, when i came back the smudges were not visible at all...but on some days they would slithly appear and then go away. I had read somewhere that putting it on the energy saver could help this issue. I had taken it off the energy saver since the beginning of summer since i fount it annoying. Perhaps it had started to stay on too long without any "rest". I have now turned on the energy saver to 5 mnts.


    I have not seen ANY smudges at any time since I have done so.


    I hardly turn off my computer, only put it to sleep when i go to bed.


    All in all, even though i'm likely taking a risk, my warranty is only until this November, I don't think i will bring it in for a replacement... no time for that. If anything i will likely get those suction cups and clean it out myself. That seems to be fairly easy to do.


    Well point of all this is to say, put your energy savers on people! Might be annoying at times but at least it will clear your screens. Hopefully this helps someone else out there.

  • Qholmes Level 1 Level 1

    Yes i have noticed that my smudges are worse when my iMac is under heavy load.. then fade when it is not.


    The problem with the Energy Saver is you end up looking for another big post here:


    iMac wont wake up from Sleep...... i am on that one too.. ever since i got my iMac it goes away and wont come back from Sleep.


    I constantly regret buying my iMac. I am planning on selling it and buying a used Mac Pro instead.



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