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    So i take my iMac in to the store. They agree to replace the screen. No problem. Three days later i receive a call. "sorry, we have no screens available, please come and collect your mac and check back with us at a later date to see if we have any in stock".


    SO now it is MY responsibility to check Apple's stock levels??? I asked them why they could not hold on to the iMac until the part was available... "we dont have space". COME ON. This is the APPLE STORE REGENT STREET, the flagship UK store... and you cant order an LCD display for my iMac and replace it? Instead I am to make do with my faulty product, and call you back periodically to find out when you have maybe got some available?


    To make things worse, I have called to complain, written, emailed and NOTHING. Outright refusing to go in and collect my mac and I am taking this to the highest level possible.


    Apple - an absolute disgrace.

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    Thanks to the "quality" Apple is producing, I now run Windows 8 on my previous computer again.

    The machine is 5 years old and nothing ever broke on it. HP is reliable for me.


    When I got my iMac in 2009 I was EXCITED!


    Fast forward 3 years.

    Faulty screen, faulty hard drive (as a developer, that was a mess but thanks to two external backup drives still managable) faulty wireless antena ($150 Canadian) ....


    I still like the machine but the point of my post is this. When it is time to buy a new computer, what can I get?

    Apple is too expensive because if I lose two weeks of work and two weeks of my personal time, the real cost for a 27" iMac is between $5000 - $10000, depending what fails.


    The other day I saw a computer which came with a 24 month warranty.


    IF Apple increased their out-of-the-box warranty to 3 years, I would buy apple again.


    Actually, no. It is still not worth it. A lausy product should be given away for free.


    My iMac is a ticking time-bomb and the next disaster is brobably just around the corner.

    On a side note. Windows 8 is stable and who knows, between the two machines I might be alright for a while.


    I no longer recommend Apple because the Apple has fallen from the once big tree.

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    Really sorry that I could not post an answer sooner.


    My iMac was under extended waranty. So I just called Apple. They came to my home with a brand new LCD and refitted it.


    Thanks Apple.

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    For all the apple fans out there who have made Apple what it is today, I'm ashamed right now to have an iMac.


    1. My screen has greyish smudge marks, that I had replaced within a year of purchasing the iMac. Then a year later on the new screen, there are more smudge marks and the Genius Bar knowingly shrugs it off and quotes me $1,200 for a replacement screen. 


    Thanks. For nothing.



    2. My harddrive is now failing (Seagate ST31000528ASQ, late 2009 iMac i7 27") and of course, my serial number states that I'm not covered under the widely publicized replacement program.


    Thanks. For nothing.

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    Reading all these stories brings so much disturbance to my eyes. I myself am another iMac victim. Below i will share my letter to T.Cook. I don't know where else to go to if I cant get any resolution from the CEO himself.



    Hi Tim,


    Sorry to have to contact you in this manner, but this has lead me to its last resource for assistance. Hopefully by contacting thru email and explaining my plea this can help resolve not only my issue but many others who speak out for the assistance I’m seeking.


    I have been a Supporter to all Apple Devices. Owning multiple devices (i.e.) 5 iPhones well every iPhone since birth, 2 iPods, Multiple iPods, 2 Macbook Pros just to start. Where my issue begins, I purchased an iMac back in June of 2011. Because I have had so much faith and confidence in Apple’s product’s, I did not enroll in any protection plan on the iMac.

    Now I am about 260 days over the extended warranty coverage is where the issue falls in place. I have not utilized the device because I use my other computers. Now when I finally have an opportunity to utilize the iMac, I discover a smudge in its upper right corner. And to reiterate again, I hardly ever, ever, ever had the time to utilize it to its fullest to because I use my Macbook Pros that I use on a daily basis. The iMac has less than 100 hrs of usage from the time of purchase.


    I decided to bring this in for repair. After getting no assistance from the genius bar, speaking and explaining my plea to several advisors, even a Customer Relations at Apple Corporate, I am now left in the dark with no choice but to pay a full price of $526 out of pocket to replace the lcd display. Reading similar issues on different Discussion Boards, related to this, even on the Apple Support Communities Board, it’s clear to say that this appears to be a manufacture defect. I am not looking for a freebee fix, but for a little sort of customer courtesy for being a valued customer would be appreciated. ( Apple Support Communities)

    Up till today, I have lived and bleed all of Apple products. The thought of a bad relationship sickens me to my stomach. I honestly ask you to look into this. The Apple company I used to know would have addressed this issue to the fullest with compassion for its people. I hope there can be a simple solution.


    Thank You for taking to time to read this.


    With Sincere,



    “You have to trust in something or someone - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”
    Steve Jobs

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    Just wanted to chime in on this one.  I am taking my (mid 2010) iMac back for the second time to correct this issue.  It has been covered under AppleCare each time.  If it happens after AppleCare expires, I will evaluate moving back to a PC.  How can I trust Apple after seeing how they handled this issue for people that didn't have AppleCare?!


    First Issue: 10/2011


    Second Issue: 02/2013


  • Nirus_project Level 1 (0 points)

    SEKnight - my issue was exactly the same as yours per the picture above from 02/2013. Cloudy grey smudging behind the glass on the top right hand side of the screen. I took it back to apple and after endless to-and-fro with them, they fixed it. But when I got it home, the display failed. Could hear things playing in the background and so on but the screen itself was pitch black. Took it back again, so they have it and are "looking into it".


    Finding apple progressively harder to deal with and the level of customer service has certainly dipped in the last 3 years. Will seriously be considering whether my next computer is a move back to a high end PC instead of putting up with this trash where you are expected to just replace the thing after 3 years. The products seem to have a life span of 3 years maximum after which you're just expected to upgrade.



  • DrewUK Level 2 (460 points)

    Just had my screen replaced under warranty at Applestore Bluewater.


    Excellent service with a turn around of less than 24hours

  • Entangled Level 1 (0 points)

    Throw me the barrel with the rest of the "greyish smudge" 27" iMac users.


    I have cleaned the outter glass (inside and out) without any effect on th smudge ...  definately, a LCD problem.


    What is Apple doing for us?

  • m.bradley1234 Level 1 (10 points)

    This LCD issue is beyond ridiculous my friend purchased the iMac 3.4 i7 july 2011 carrying the 1 year factory warranty. Apple replaced screen due to this notorious screen smoke condition that more than enough users have experienced for it to be consider a recall incident. I purchased it threw him and he doesnt smoke and he lives in a very clean "ENVIRONMENT". After I purchased the imac from him last decmber well aware the apple care had ran out. Over a span of five months i noticed that it has started to reappear but my concern was questionable to wether my mind was seeing things or not. My symptoms are almost opposite to the typical description reason being. Smoke shades that look like a mountains ridge appear across my LCD when started as the LCD/ Machine warms up it disappears. Im well aware of cold start consideration dealing with LCDs but this is a issue of bad LCD's point blank period. Honestly I have bought apple product after apple product to the point that im sure apple should be able to realize if im complaining its not a matter of a indivual overreaction. I have numeous apple products registered with my account. Point being this is about the sales of equipment thats not durable and knowing it. There should be a recall for all LCD's with smoke symptoms. This isnt caused by smoke , debris or environment by what ever that means. This is a build flaw and any one that has payed nowchas to suffer. Thats not a good look Apple. Shame on you.

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    I just took my late 2009 27" iMac in for the Seagate hard drive recall to my local third-party Apple-authorized retailer. I had an interesting conversation with one of the repair guys about the screen. He asked if I had any other problems besides the hard drive. I told him about the yellow tinge on the bottom third and the grey smudges and that everyone who has replaced their screens either had the same problems or worse. He basically agreed with me, and it seemed this wasn't anything new to what he has seen with several 2009-2011 iMacs. But he said the newer iMacs don't seem to have these problems. And I said, "That's because the screen is properly shielded." And he agreed again. So, this problem is prolific, and these Mac specialists just basically confirmed to me that they and Apple are aware that they sold defective hardware. These problems affect ALL 2009-2011 models. The only fix is getting the newer model that was completely re-designed. But Apple should definitely be doing a recall. However, the pessimistic side of me says that isn't happening.

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    As I posted yesterday afternoon, I too am experinecing the same greyish "burn" on my 27" iMac ... I am and have been a loyal Apple customer since '84 when the Mac was first introduced ... now have 2 Minis, an iMac, a Macbook Pro, 2 iPhones, and a few iPods ...


    The iMac is used mainly as a smart TV running EyeTV ...  and I leave it on 24/7 ... with a screen saver.


    Last night, I PowerSaver-ed the screen to turn off after 1 minute.


    This morning, I touched the TrackPad that to turn on the screen and my greyish smudge(s) have almost disappeared.


    This tells me that my greyish smudge is caused by heat.


    Omek comments about the re-design on the newer iMacs that fixes this problem ...  but who really knows ...  only time will tell if the newer re-design iMacs do indeed fix the problem.


    Again I ask ... what is Apple doing for us?

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    Nothing. Apple is doing nothing. They were offering replacement screens through Applecare for free, but again, screen replacements don't solve the problem. It is a hardware design defect. The screen isn't properly shielded and it is too close to the hot-running hardware. My smudges only appear when the iMac heats up and I start using it for about a half hour. If I shut it down overnight, the smudges are gone the next day. Some people on here have said their grey smudges aren't disappearing at all, so I guess that's even worse.


    Apple's only fix is to buy a new iMac.

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    One of my friends was offered the new iMac to replace a defective iMac 2010 for the 3rd time ...

    You should know that this friend leads a very big French company, and he is surrounded by good lawyers ...

    It is this latter argument that tip the balance of his side ...


    edit: my last post was deleted, because i talked about a french petition about that dirty-screen of imacs... sorry!

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    Curiously I question this issue a little further lets say we play the role of apple we introduce a product with knowledge of thru extensive testing learn that there's a flaw with our LCD design past manufacture before marketing but what do we would have to lose either a the customer buys apple care or b they're screwed. By time the problem reveals itself the factory warranty will be at term. Either way we collect the initial 2400+ apple care insurance fees so if they don't oh well .This is a example of strong arm sales. I figure any one that logs into this blog should be granted apple care 1 policy seeing how I believe any one that has came so far that this where you ended up your a true apple customer this is ridiculous no one has money to waste this is why people purchase what's considered top of the shelf. I'm starting to think when Steve left he took apples what's the word I'm looking for credibility with him. At this point I'm still on the Macintosh bus but I'm sitting close to the door and usually you don't have to talk for others to know there's a reason why

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