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  • Omek Level 1 Level 1

    Ha! That's very interesting but not surprising.


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  • kaotik78 Level 1 Level 1

    Had a 27" iMac, it had dead pixels evident immediately upon unpacking in 2010. Went through a few swaps, all ended up with dead pixels and/or grey smudges behind the screen. Very irritating when working on illustrations or color correcting work. Ended up going the route of a seperate Cinema Display and Mac Pro tower, unfortunately that has not fixed everything as my Cinema Display exhibits grey smudges on the screen now. The coincidense of so many people going through the same issue leads me to think the supplier of Apple's LCD panels is sub par and Apple should source a new supplier. Out of all the devices I have with LCD screens, including other non apple monitors, these 27" displays seem to have this common flaw unfortunately.

  • root_wheel Level 1 Level 1

    And now not only these hardware issues, even OS X Mountain Lion has tons of errors.

    Apple, where are you going to??

  • m.bradley1234 Level 1 Level 1

    I had just not mentioned my consideration in regards to the iMac LCD issue no 24 hrs later bluetooth module dies without any prior symptoms of fault. That's when It all flashed before my eyes this is B.S. So had I took it to apple for repair I'd be asking for repair in a machine that's already faulty. Luckily I am tech savy I ordered new module via eBay and DYI'd it . English class. Lol. @$10. Meanwhile apple charges a $20 dollar individual incident analysis fee. If that isn't shafting to the 10 degree then I can't understand the words consumer and support. I tell you what, Call apple and tell then you don't have Apple Care I dare you.

  • McMatt Level 1 Level 1

    I have screen problems (part of the screen is gray) too, and I see I am not alone...

  • Ranjoharbri Level 1 Level 1

    65 pages of discussion on this thread alone concerning smudge marks and staining on iMac screens and Apple still have not addressed this issue to the satisfaction of their customers.


    I bought my first 27in iMac in July 2011 and within a month, the staining began to appear.

    I smoke, and so stand no chance of having my LCD screen replaced and have been told so by the tech staff at Apple.
    (My machine was inspected at the same time my hard drive was replaced, which failed after 6months of operation, costing me considerable inconvienience and money).


    There are serious design and/or manufacturing faults with these machines and it is obvious that Apple do not want to own up to their responsibilities and either replace these machines or refund the considerable sums of money they have taken from their customers.


    Guess what I'll be buying when it comes to replacing my computer. Not Apple thats for sure.

    Shame on you Apple, you have sullied your good name, and reputation.
    You are no longer a company to be trusted.

  • andyfdo Level 1 Level 1

    I have been putting off taking my Imac in as i don't really want to be with out it for to long. I have a 27in 2011 Imac, and have just booked a genius appointment for next week as they have just opened an apple store near me.


    As well of the smudge marks displayed on my screen I also have a wavy line on the left side of the screen that goes from top to bottom, The line disappears though after the screen seems to have warmed up. Will repost again after the apple store visit next week.

  • e renner Level 1 Level 1

    You wrote:


    Guess what I'll be buying when it comes to replacing my computer. Not Apple thats for sure.

    Shame on you Apple, you have sullied your good name, and reputation.
    You are no longer a company to be trusted."


    That is exactly what I have done.

    When my screen went bad and I had to bring the machine in for repair I also mentioned the heat issue.


    My iMac (27" 2009 model) heats up dremendously when I render out a few images.

    While expected to heat up, the machine should be able to cope with all four processors being maxed out for !30 minutes.

    However, the support staff at the genius bar brushed off my concern with no solution and help.


    A few weeks ago I solved the problem myself.

    Instead of a highend MacBook, my new laptop is a MSI Workstation. The exact model is: GT60 0NE which cost me CAN $2000.


    Here is the product link:

    Here is the proof that I actually did it:


    Now I can render HUGE renders without worrying.


    The iMac is now used for web browsing, email and web design.


    I would have gladly stayed with Apple but because of the risk and expense, it just didn't make sense.


    Now I am good for a few years and considering all the assets which will be created on the Windows 7 platform, Apple would have to have a KILLLER machine then for me even to consider to switch.


    Where will Apple be in 2016/17? Who knows ...

  • Ranjoharbri Level 1 Level 1

    I think a lot more people will be following suit.
    I've started looking at the HP Z820 and professional quality monitor.

    As I've said my days of owning an Apple are numbered and I really don't think I'll be returning.

  • Ranjoharbri Level 1 Level 1

    I also have the strange wiggle lines on my monitor, They do fade when the machine heats up but not disappear all together.


    Basically the iMacs are a load of rubbish, and not worth the money we've paid for them.


    Once bitten twice shy as they say.

  • andyfdo Level 1 Level 1

    Well Just got my iMac back from the apple store good as new, The genius who I spoke to when I first went in said straight away we will put a new screen in for you, 48 Hours later I have it back. Lets hope I dont need to take it back again, Fingers crossed

  • John Hall Level 1 Level 1

    Don't want to jinx you, but you probably will. I had the screen replaced on my 27" 2011 iMac in July of 2012. Smudges were back December of 2012. Not nearly as dark but on more area of the screen this time. I just can't motivate myself enough to take the **** thing and walk across the mall with it.


    That must be why Apple made the 2012 iMac half the width and weight of the 2011. So it's not as heavy when you need to take ot in for repairs twice a year.



    I've seen people on here say that Apple came to their home or place of business to repair their iMac. Can someone please tell me how that is accomplished? When I schedule an appointment on this website the only option I have for repairs that aren't done at an Apple store are to find an authorized reseller. The issue with that is the resellers I've contacted talk about charging me an hourly fee to come to my home. I have Apple care that is valid until 2014. I'm not paying anyone a red cent to fix a machine that has inherent defects.


    I hate windows, but Apple isn't the answer either.

  • John Hall Level 1 Level 1

    You can't say d-a-m-n on this forum? Man. It's Probably because Apple knows the iMac is junk and had to censor the boards.

  • m.bradley1234 Level 1 Level 1

    In all honestly say what you want but I sold my 27 3.4 32GB @1850 I wasn't going to keep being upset by the faults in its build I suggest you be quiet as the way apple did to so many of us and sell don't look back but hey that's a opinion nothing's right I never said it was but this is a epidemic hilariously my bluetooth module died during the sale this is inevitably a issue get not while but if you can good luck

  • stevenby Level 1 Level 1

    This might be of interest. I've had this problem twice with my 27" iMac. Both were covered under AppleCare.


    The second time, the tech at the Certified Apple Reseller told me had a lot more trouble getting the LCD replacement approved. He said it was because Apple is now acknowledging this as a known issue and wants very thorough documentation. Apple had him take pictures and write everything down.


    The repair was approved, but the change from the first time (around six months ago) to the more recent repair makes me wonder if the thinking about this issue has changed at Apple.

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