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  • mindpotion Level 1 (0 points)

    NOT stupid at all it actually works!!!!

  • RichardRBM Level 1 (0 points)

    So I've only started receiving this error with the upgrade to Lion. Up until now I've had no problems burning either +R or -R DVD discs. When I was using 10.4 there was a problem with +RDL discs, but even that cleared up with later versions. Now however, I can't seem to burn any DVDs no matter what size or designation using the lates version of Lion. I'm having this problem with both my MacBook's super drive and my brand new mini Mac's external drive (a top of the line Panasonic which worked fine with my old miniMac and the older operating systems)


    Has Mac's Support people had anything to say about this problem? Has anybody submitted a report to them and if so how have they responded?

  • Kelly Johnson2 Level 1 (85 points)

    I just had this today (1-3-13) and used Terminal to burn and it works fine. Plus, I was able to also use +R dvds where previously, I could only burn -R even though my dvd drive is to do both.


    Open Terminal and type: drutil man

    That will show you all the options.


    Essentially though, I just move into the directory where my folder or file is like:

    cd Desktop

    drutil burn myFileOrFolderName


    and it will ask for the media. You can also set speeds and such. Try it out.

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    I just got this error code too. 0x80020022. i split the folder i was trying to burn in 1/2,  into 2 folders and burned them onto 2 dvd's and it worked perfectly. Even though the original folder was only 3.6gb and the dvd held 4.7gb, apparently it couldn't handle it.

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    I have Mac OS X version 10.6.8 and keep getting the following error message:


    "The disc can’t be burned because because communication between the computer and the disc drive failed (error code 0x80020022)."


    Ha! Even the error message has an error in it. This is nuts.


    I had to take my macbook into the genius bar several times right after purchasing it in '09. When my laptop was brought back to the counter and we tried to insert a disc it was discovered the genius bar tech actually bent the inside of the disc burner when trying to replace the cover. His response was, "oh, that happens from time to time. We'll just bend it back." Yea...needless to say, I have had issues ever since. Would they take ownership for that? No way! They were also the ones who suggested I move all my pics to my external Seagate HD. So I did. Then Time Machine wouldn't recognize the external HD! WHAT?! The genius bar tech then said, "Oh, it must be a bad HD so we'll replace your HD." WHAT?! Result was the same. It was the end of the day so he says, "You don't need to stay here while the system runs you can take it home and do this test and I know it fix the issue." SOoooo I left the store with having to complete the test he was running. Time Machine still does not acknowledge external HD. I called Apple support only to be told, "I'm sorry, your warranty expired two/three days ago." So here I am continuing to try and save my pictures.

  • blueiz Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree ~ not stupid at all. It DID work!! Crazy!!

  • Miguel Alexander Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey I have just entered the Mac world and experienced the same problems as people above 0x80020022. I find that if you reduse the burn speed it works fine. 

  • Paula Zamp Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having the same problem!!! but i tryed with slowest speed (8x) , and also tryed to record just a very few mb in the cd and no sucess !! good, now i have a very fancy and expensive macbook that dont even record CDs!!!! 

  • blueiz Level 1 (0 points)

    Paula, are you sure your macbook has that capability?

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    I just had this problem too. I tried burning different DVDs and CDs with two different external burners, but kept getting this message.


    What worked for me was to Force Quit Finder and restart my iMac. Only then I was able to burn again, and I successfully burned DVD and CD on my external burner and also a CD with the internal one. Success! Hope it solves your problem too.

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    I had this problem and repaired the utilities disk as was previously suggested. After the repair, I tried to burn a DVD again and received another error message about the laser on the DVD. There is another forum that discusses the laser problem and it said to blow compressed air into the CD/DVD opening. Then it worked!

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    I have been trying (for weeks now) to burn a CD-R with photos from my iPhoto library and keep getting this error. I have repaired the utilities disk, tried different brands of CDs, cleaned the drive with compressed air, lowered the burn speed to (8x), have 40 gigs of space on my hard drive, and am only trying to copy a very small amount of photos. Is this really a lost cause?

  • Jottle Level 1 (70 points)

    I just wanted to report in on this thread after following it for a long time. I had this same error appear after owning my mbp for about 3 years. It's definitely a sign that either (A) there's dust on the burner's lens. If that's the case, then the method of blowing compressed air in there should clear it up. Or (B) the burner is failing. Unfortunately for me, I had problem (B). No amount of alcohol or compressed air would clear up the error, and I was only able to start burning DVD's again after having the superdrive replaced. So if you try every DIY remedy here and still have issues, you'll probably have no choice but to replace the superdrive. Luckily, it's an easy repair if you want to do it yourself.

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    I too have been following this thread and the general disc buring failure problem for a very very long time. I would ask anyone if the burning problems started occuring after an OS update - especially an EFI update?


    The bottomline is, and I'm sorry for not giving any direct advice to solving the burning problem, is that disc media is being phased out. Period. It's better to migrate to a new means of sharing your media.


    My cynical last comment is that you would no more think of storing your data on a VHS or 8-Track. Disc based data storage is dead (arguablly for a few years already) and we all have to graduate to a new form of storage.


    My advice is that one can't expect older technology to continue to function as it did when it was cutting edge. I agree that companies have an obligation to fullfil their product's longevity of function. the cold fact is that disc buring is no longer supported. It has reached the end of it's productivity and we are all better off devoting our cash to investing in better personal solutions.


    Upload your photos (or other data) to cloud based storage. There are many many options here, and a lot of them are free (to a certain capacity). Your data is usually replicated over several redunant drives to ensure it's security. What's more is that in this way your data is safe guarded better than on a disc, or on a back-up drive at home or work. It also facilitates cross user access so that very large files can be accessed where the content is needed.


    Another benefit is that it becomes eaier to publish this content to different platforms from a single repository making it available to whichever device you like.


    The last and perhaps the best feature is that you can also have version history so you can always maintain the original yet have subsequent modifications all the while being able to return to the original.


    These points argue the case to migrate away from disc based media and to not invest anymore time or money to find a solution to a problem (disc burning) that has no solution.


    Sorry that I can't tell you to just repair your disc permissions and everything will be hunky-dory...

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    I have been researching the problem too.  I have an external burner that works on Mac or Windows.  I have come to the conclusion that this is an OS based problem and not a hardware or media problem.


    I tested my media and hardware on windows based machine and all works fine.  This is an Apple problem that needs to be addressed by Apple.  There are too many reports of it happening on the support site / internet.


    Suggesting everyone go to cloud based storage is not the answer (as is drinking the Kool-Aid).