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hi really need help here, i have had my mac pro since may2009 was working fine for 4months then it started to cut out intermittantly as if the power had gone off for a second, it would then reboot on its own. Have tried various things ie resetting SMC, zapping pram. The problem is it does this completely at random, after resetting the smc it lasted 2 weeks before it did it again. frankly its driving me nuts. I take it back to the apple store and explained what was happening the genius said that it may be a software problem and i should do a clean install before they take the machine in for checking/repair. The reason being that if it is found to be a software problem i would be charged. As i have a lot of projects on the computer it would be a real pain to do a clean install. i have 4 hd's in the mac one of which is clean with no data on it would it be possible to install the os on this drive to eliminate a software problem.If so i could then keep my main hard drive as is.

Thanks Steve

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    As long as the disk is bootable, and internally mounted, even better. If you had the DVDs, you could even go back to 10.5 and see if that cures your problems there.
    Good Luck.


    Edit: Excellent idea to keep a disk free like that.

    Consider putting another OS in your machine just to run maintenance programs, like Diskwarrior, Disk Utility, SuperDuper, TechTool Pro5... They run much faster that way and is the one way only to do some kinds of maintenance or disk arrangement.

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    My 1st question in an issue like this is:

    Do you have a 1300VA UPS or not?
    What else is on the same circuit?
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    Hi guys thanks for the replys, hatter i have not got any kind of ups. the mac is just plugged in to a 4 gang extension lead. today it has restarted itself once early this morning, been fine the rest of today.
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    Sorry hatter did nit give you all the information,the 4 gang socket is plugged in to the upstairs ring main, 13amp.