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My "yo-yo" power adapter malfunctioned (this is my second one), and went to the closest Apple Store (1.5 hours away) to verify this by using their "yo-yo" power adapter on my PowerBook.

What appeared was that my PowerBook malfunctioned because their "yo-yo" adapter didn't work as well ... So, I spent $45 at the closest Apple Dealer to repair my PowerBook, but it turns out that there was nothing wrong with it, but I still had to pay them to look at it.

It turns out that the Apple Store's "yo-yo" adapter was what was broken (like mine are), but they didn't know that. So, they misdiagnosed my PowerBook because of it, and cost me $45 at a dealer for them to look at it and plug in their power adapter to tell me that nothing was wrong with it.

I don't feel that this was a very pleasing experience. If the "yo-yo" adapters were made well to begin with, then I wouldn't have had to buy one every two years, and the Apple Store wouldn't have made me go to a dealer and spend $45 for nothing (literally).