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My "yo-yo" power adapter malfunctioned (this is my second one), and went to the closest Apple Store (1.5 hours away) to verify this by using their "yo-yo" power adapter on my PowerBook.

What appeared was that my PowerBook malfunctioned because their "yo-yo" adapter didn't work as well ... So, I spent $45 at the closest Apple Dealer to repair my PowerBook, but it turns out that there was nothing wrong with it, but I still had to pay them to look at it.

It turns out that the Apple Store's "yo-yo" adapter was what was broken (like mine are), but they didn't know that. So, they misdiagnosed my PowerBook because of it, and cost me $45 at a dealer for them to look at it and plug in their power adapter to tell me that nothing was wrong with it.

I don't feel that this was a very pleasing experience. If the "yo-yo" adapters were made well to begin with, then I wouldn't have had to buy one every two years, and the Apple Store wouldn't have made me go to a dealer and spend $45 for nothing (literally).
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    I also have not had a good history with these Yo-yos. My first one had a short in the cable that connects to the yo-yo, near the connecter to the bottom of the yo-yo. Then the power cable that wraps around the yo-yo got broken due to my wrapping and unwrapping. Maybe I don't know my own strength, but I did not put that much pressure on the cable for it to just break.

    My current (and third) yo-yo is starting to show the cable shorting problem again. While I recently upgraded to a new Al PB, I still love and use heavily my Pismo. It just works great. Actuallly my wife uses the Pismo, she loves it and uses it heavily everyday for Internet and email. I will be purchasing yet another power adapter for this great machine, but I will not be buying another yo-yo. I will choose either this:




    Again, I love my Pismo, and I hope my current 'book will stand the test of time like my Pismo has. blessings, David
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    I have only experienced three "yo-yo" power adapters, including the one at the Apple Store, in the past 4.5 years of having my Pismo, and all three have malfuctioned.

    I just bought this:


    and it's more than anything you'll need, especially of you don't want what you'll need in the future. It has removable adapters to use with other laptops, cell phones, and the car adapter has a removable head to uncover the airplane adapter, and it comes with a case to keep everything in.

    You can also find it for $100 at some places, and I got mine at the Apple Store.
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    Sorry about your misadventure with the Apple Dealer. I suggest that you try the Discussions Forum first and see if you can get help here. My experience is that you have a better chance here.

    The Yo-Yo adapters are a problem for a lot of people. Mine, by some merciful providence, still works fine.

    If you find the "Juice" is a little more, and a little pricier than you want at the moment, here is a source for something for a more modest price .
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    Thanks for the reply.

    The linked power adapter looks reminiscent of the recalled Apple "brick" power adapter, but it's probably not the same.

    I think Apple didn't even make the "yo-yo" power adapters because I saw another brand that was identical to them and even had the Apple logo on it. Perhaps it's like how Canon and HP used to make Apple printers? I have no clue.

    The iGo Juice70 is pricier, but more adaptable and comes with a case (it's vinyl though).

    I really liked the "yo-yo", but 3 bad ones out of 3 is not a good ratio.

    ((2 "yo-yo"s) * $80) + $45 service charge = $205 that I should still have, but don't.

    I feel so screwed.
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    If you look at the recalled Apple adapter you will note that there are two identical looking devices, but only one is recalled. To the best of my knowledge the link I sent you is not the recalled device. I don't think anyone would want to sell that one.
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    Oh okay. I never had any PowerBooks that used the "brick" so I didn't know there was a replcement for it that was of the same cosmetic design.

    Kensignton also makes a universal powe adapter, but I don't really know anything about it.