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I am trying to download free applications from iTunes but it does not allow me to - mentions I do not have the permission to record files within iTunes Media folder. How do I solve this issue?

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    greetings iklas, and welcome to Apple discussions !

    check if you have read & write permissions for your iTunes music folder. in finder, right-click on it and +get info+. unlock the little padlock (you may have to enter your admin password) and change the permission settings. next, click on the little gear-shaped icon and +apply to enclosed items+ like so

    you may also give everyone read & write access. if this doesn't help, try the same on your iTunes folder (not just the iTunes music folder).

    any help ?
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    hello Jolly, thanks for your help! I tried what you recommended on the previous post but it was not enough. Now it does have the message that my account info had not been well recorded within this computer. I even tried to install itunes again, without any success.

    Apparently it is really a problem with my computer, because I was able to download apps from my iPhone. Any guess what i should do next in order to manage the downloads from my mac book pro?
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    i would contact iTunes Customer Support.

    good luck !