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This morning, I did the regular syncing with Itunes, and suddenly I noticed that my Free memory had suddenly dropped from 9.7 to 6.7 Gb
I also noticed while syncing that my iphone is syncing song titles that already exist on my iphone and itunes again for some reason.
after syncing,my free Memory dropped from 9.7 GB to 6.7GB and my OTHER memory went up from 1.36 to 4.36 for some reason.while Music, photos and APP memory stayed the same.
keep in mind the new added 3 GB are exactly the same total memory of my music.
I usually have a total of 14.28 GB out of 16 GB 3GS
music: 3GB
photos 146.9MB
Others 1.36 GB
Free 9.7 GB
After this morning Sync I Have
Music: 3 GB
photos 146.9 MB
Others 4.36 GB
Free 6.7 GB

I checked to see if I have duplicates titles of my music in my ipod, and everything was the same.no duplictaes
I am unable to locate the additional 3GB I have under Others in my memory.

Is there a way to break down the memory Status Other in order to see what are the new 3 GB added to my phone?
HOw can I free my phone from the new 3Gb data?
Hoe to locate or delete the new data? any application that can break it down in order to locate the folder with the new data either in itunes or on my iphone?
I tried resorting but I still got the new memory status since I had synced my iphone several times trying to resolve the issue.

any help on this issue is highly appreciated

iphone 3GS 16 GB, iPhone OS 3.1.2, Windows Vista