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Hi, its been a year and two weeks since i bought my macbook and literally over the past two weeks my mac charger has become temperamental in charging (have had to manouevre the wire's angle slightly at the magnetic end in order for the light to come onto charge) until tonight where now no matter what I do the light doesn't come on. Not only that but the magnetic charger came out of the macbook 10 mins ago and seemed to short out the laptop causing it to suddenly turn off. I've been down to the local apple 'premium reseller' in swansea and they want £50 for a new charger... you've got to be kidding? I've haven't done anything that would cause the charger to start having this problem e.g yanking it about in the year that I have bought it. I rarely take it outside the house, put the charger in a back screwed up (probably have taken it out 10 times in a year).. Does warranty cover the charger? if not i'll be very dissapointed that such a fault could occur with the charger after such limited movement over its relatively short life span.

I've now got two hours of battery life remaining until my mac is dead

Is this a known problem?

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 2.4 ghz intel