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I'm migrating from a Palm TX to an iPod Touch. The Palm Desktop comes complete with apps (Calendar, Address Book, ToDo and Memos) that sync with equivalent apps on the hand-held device (in my case, a Palm TX).

Apple handles this a little differently. There are apps on the iPod and some equivalent apps in the Mac OS, e.g., iCal and Address Book.

I have several problems in converting from the Palm Desktop apps to the Mac ones. But firstly, the unmitigated success was the export of PD (Palm Desktop) Calendar data via the vCal standard format and importation into the Mac's iCal app. And it syncs nicely with my iPod Touch via iTunes.

Now for the problems/challenges:

1. I also need to transfer my PD Address Book data to my Mac's Address Book. I tried it by exporting via the standard vCard format and found that it all imports successfully into the old Mac Address Book (v4.0.6) on my old iBook running Tiger (OS 10.4), but when imported or transferred to my iMac running OS 10.6 and Address Book v5.0.1, the PD Custom fields are lost -- seems the new Mac Address Book isn't as fully featured as the old one and is non-upward-compatible -- not nice! Any ideas how to get the Custom fields data into the Notes section of the latest Mac Address Book?

2. PD doesn't permit exporting my ToDo lists in vCal format, which is the only format iCal can use to import them. Any ideas? I'd prefer to integrate them into this app, since that's where my Calendar data is; but I'm open to finding an app that can first import them and then export in vCal format, in order to transfer to iCal.

3. The iPod Touch comes with a freeware app called Notes, which would seem like a good app for housing my PD's Memos. However, it's not supported for the iPod Touch on 10.6. Meanwhile, I need some app that can run on both the iPod Touch and OS 10.6 to house this data and allow me to synchronize via iTunes -- is this impossible due to restrictions iTunes places on what can be sync'd?

Thanks for any ideas you can contribute. I'm in urgent need, since OS 10.6 is not supported by Palm, and I can no longer view my Palm's data on my main machine (my iMac) running 10.6.


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