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Paparazzi Level 1 Level 1

My Environment is:

iTunes v9.0.2.25
iPhone 3G; OS v3.1.2
Windows Vista

When I connect my iPhone to my PC, I do not see the device under Windows Explorer nor in Device Manager. However, iTunes does pick up the iPhone and I can sync ok.

I have tried the following -

I have gone to Device Manager and uninstalled "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver" from under "Universal Serial Bus Driver". I then disconnected the iPhone and reconnected, which then caused Windows to re-install the driver. However, it still does not appear under "Portal Devices" or "Imaging Devices" in Device Manager and it still does not appear under Windows Explorer.

I have also tried uninstalling iTunes and reinstalling, still no luck.

Any other suggestions?


iPhone OS 3.1.2, iPhone 3G, Windows Vista
  • Memo55 Level 1 Level 1
    Have you saved images from safari to your camera roll, or from some other application that is not your camera?
    Delete those, unplug and reset your iphone and plug again, it worked for me.
  • ssieh Level 1 Level 1
    This happen when you don't have any images in your "Camera Roll". unplug take a picture and plug it back in you should be able to see it again.
  • michaelredwood Level 1 Level 1
    I have had exactly the same problem with both my desktop with Windows 7 and my laptop with Business Vista since the latest iTunes upgrade two weeks or so ago. I think it must be an Apple error and I am not very willing to fiddle with my machine to correct it. I think Apple should tell what is going on and give us a fix. My iTunes is and iPhone is 3.1.3

    An all my photos are stick in the phone, which is a nuisance as I use it for work and I am having to email them all to myself.
  • BrianKHud Level 1 Level 1
    As ridiculous as this sounds - this is the exact problem I had, and removing the "non-camera" photos from the camera roll, uplugging the iphone, and plugging it back in worked perfectly.

    How strange...?