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    stuartsurr1992 wrote:


    Thanks, your post made me realise how damaged my IPod is and that I should just give up and purchase a new one.  The diagnostic tool on the IPod Classic highlighted the fact that many sections had to be reallocated... more than 6000.

    Sounds pretty dead to me...



  • Dodsonlady Level 1 (0 points)

    Okay people, i've finally found a way to get some music onto the crazy ipod. Frist, if you have visita go into user folder, music and then into the itunes folder, if yout using xp, the itunes folder is in documents. Look for a file called .iTunes Preferences.plist, you have to delete this file. After you do open itunes and manually or automatically try to sync your music. This MAY allow you to put some music on the ipod but not all. I hope this helps, since i'm in the same boat myself. You may have to restart or restore the ipod again to make it work, i've been doing it all day. Really hope this helps!

  • turingtest2 Level 9 (68,886 points)

    There should be a .iTunes Preferences.plist file in your iTunes Media folder. It tells iTunes which of two layout schemes have been used for the media folders. The file should not be removed. It has no bearing on any problems you may have syncing your iPod.



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    I have a 80 GB iPod Classic and it stops around 400 songs. I have tried other programs like Spotify and Winamp but it will always freeze once it reaches at that point. I have also ran the hard disk numbers and this is what I got:


    Retracts: 82

    Reallocs: 314

    Pending Sectors: 60

    PowerOn Hours: 17

    Start/Stops: 91

    Temp: Current 31CTemp: Min 18C

    Temp: Max 50C


    It is frustrating to have such faulty units.


    I have tried the formats with error checking and small increments but to no avail. Disk mode didn't make a difference, either.

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    Hello all,


    I feel everyones frustration on this issue.  Luckily, I found a workaround for my issue, so maybe it'll offer some help to everyone else.  Like everyone, my ipod kept hanging up on the transfer, and would eventually force me to restore.  My limit came around the 5gb mark or so.  What I ended up doing was transfering files onto the ipod while in disk mode first, before uploading any music.  In my case, I transferred about 8gb of photos onto the ipod (through the finder in OS X, not through iTunes).  At a certain point, the transfer slowed down to a crawl, paralleling what was happening in iTunes when trying to transfer my music over. However, after some time, the transfer eventually sped up again, and finished.  Then, I proceeded to upload 60 gigs of music onto my 80 gig 5th gen classic.  Anyways, I'm not very knowledgeable on hard drives, and am not sure why this workaround would in fact work, but maybe there's something to it more than pure luck.  Also working in my favor is that my hump comes only 5gb in, and not later, meaning most of my harddrive is still free for transferring music (if that indeed makes any sense whatsoever...maybe those with more knowledge of harddrives can correct me on this if it's meaningless). 

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    Hopefully, Apple can make a new iTunes update that will support and hopefully "fix" this bug our Classics have?

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    Having the same problem EXACTLY as the OP.  Posting to try to keep the thread alive, I didn't notice the issue at first but hoping to find an iTunes replacement that can do the sync...  I can't believe they would leave this without putting out a fix in the next release of iTunes.

  • turingtest2 Level 9 (68,886 points)

    Have you tested this approach yet?


    Erase your iPod - The Super Fix for most iPod Problems.



  • doctor_computer Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks tt for the suggestion.  I've tried those remedies among others, and I actually was able to get the iPod to reformat and verify from DU so I'm 99% sure it isn't a hardware failure.  I also had an Apple 'genius' look at it but he incorrectly jumped to the assumption the hardware was bad and told me to replace the iPod Classic(!).  I have multiple Masters degrees in computer science and electronics engineering so I'm not the typical user newbie common to Apple!! 



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    What are your stats like? Have you tried breaking up the transfers? Have you eliminated possible outside sources of problems, e.g. excluding the iPod and media folder form any on access AV scans? Though the fact you mention DU suggests you've proably got a Mac rather than a PC.


    I wouldn't pin my hopes on a fix coming with the next update of iTunes because I'm not certain that is where people's issues lie. Unless you or someone else can pin down a specific independently repeatable problem and submit detailed bug reports there is no good reason for Apple to be looking for a problem to fix. My classic still syncs just fine as I'm sure do most, or these boards would be an awful lot busier.



  • audiopain Level 1 (0 points)

    Retracts: 79

    Reallocs: 308

    Pending Sectors: 0

    PowerOn Hours: 2517

    Start/Stops: 458

    Temp: Current 26c

    Temp: Min 8c

    Temp: Max 46c


    hi! i have the same problem with my iPod classic 80gb.  i guess its time for me to buy a new iPod? i have mine for 5 years. i just dont want to spend money for a new iPod and having the same problems again...

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    Try my suggestion above and let me know if that helps at all.  I was frustrated with this problem for a long time until I found my workaround. 

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    i bought an 80 gb classic 3 years ago from my work when they first came out and let my girlfriend at the time borrow it until we broke up, when i got the ipod back it was so screwed. displaying a red x and i restored it snd it was working fine but the past couple times i tried to add more music to it, the ipod would freeze my computer and so i would have to format it in windows to get it far enough so i could restore it in itunes. anyway im getting really frustrated because my only problem is i sync my entire library to the ipod but when i eject it and then seeing what i added, the ipod deletes all songs on it and tells me it is empty! any thoughts or updates on how to fix this? or is anyone elses classic doing this?


    i have the original 1gb ipod nano probably 6-7 years old and runs twice as good as this classic and i really want this classic to worl because of how good the battery life and memory size is.




  • unhappy w apple Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm another one to add to the list.


    I tried contacting Apple's tech support by phone but they cannot seem to give me an explanation on why this is happening or how to fix it.  Although they do seem to be experts in trying to push an extended warranty and hanging up on people.  They hung up on me several times.  And I only cursed the last time I called, it was only one word, and it wasn't even directed at them but at the situation. lol.

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    I have found a solution to my problem.   I reformated the hard disc and reinstalled the ipod software as many others have done.  I spent hours trying to sync my 6000 odd songs back onto the ipod.  Like everybody else the transfer halted at some point - with itunes crashing and the transfer completely failing.   I spent hours repeating the exercise.  I then tried transfering the songs until just before the point at which the transfer halted and then ejecting the ipod.  - The songs up to then (about 3000) were successfully on the ipod.  I then repeated the exercise - re connecting the ipod and ejecting just before the crash point about 10 times until the transfer was completed.  What this means I don't know.  The ipod had been serviced - the hard disc was good, the logic board and battery replaced.  But it the process worked.

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