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I think I need to refresh my iTunes library. There are a few reasons.

First is from when I was using SimplifyMedia. For some reason I could never get it to "see" all of my songs, so I stopped using it.

Second is my album artwork. For some reason, the only time I am able to get album artwork these days is if I download a song directly from iTunes. Whenever I try to import songs from a new cd, even something current and well-known, I get no album artwork, which is annoying. The track info is found but no album cover. It led me to getting TuneUp, which is a third party program that finds missing artwork. TuneUp does an okay job but some of the album covers it finds are either wrong or just strange. I would prefer to fix whatever is preventing iTunes from giving me the correct album covers and I'm wondering if it has something to do with perhaps a faulty iTunes library file.

Third is my iTunes library used to be a Windows file but I've been a macuser for years now. See, I used to be a PC user and used iTunes for Windows. I then got a MacBook Pro and had both a PC and a Mac at the same time for awhile. I didn't like that all my music was just on my PC, so I experimented with using an external drive that was compatible with both a PC and a Mac and stored my iTunes music folder on it so I could access my music from both machines. Then at some point I went totally Mac and gave up the PC. But I had simply copied my iTunes library which was created by Windows to my Mac and was able to just use it. But I've always wished it was a purely mac file. And at this point all of my music is now on my laptop - I no longer use the external drive.

So I was thinking I should totally refresh my iTunes library. What's the best way to go about doing so? I won't mind if I have to reimport all of my mp3s, then consolidate and delete the extra copy of my harddrive. But could someone please outline the proper steps so I don't screw it up? Thanks!

15" MacBook Pro 2.0 Intel Core Duo, Mac OS X (10.6.2), Time Capsule 1 TB, latest iTunes
  • Jim VanLeeuwen Level 6 Level 6
    Look at this article and see if might help you do what you want.

    How to re-create your iTunes library: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1451
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    Paul Oldewurtel wrote:
    I won't mind if I have to reimport all of my mp3s

    in that case, launch iTunes with the option key pressed and choose +create library+. next, start repopulating your new library with content.
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    Thank you! That is useful.

    But if there is say something corrupt about my iTunes Music Library.xml file, won't importing this file just bring back the errors?
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    So, I opted to re-import my xml file as instructed. And it seems to have worked okay. When I used the Get Album Artwork, it pulled in many album covers. I still have gaps but I think it's better now. The real test will be when I import some more cds which I'll try soon.

    Just wanted to note something odd though. After I reimported my xml file, I checked to make sure all my music was still there - looked like it was. I then synced my iPod Classic which took a long time since it said it was synced to a different library. Not a big deal. I did that overnight.

    I then synced my iPhone and what's strange is the sync didn't take that long and everything seemed fine. But upon closer inspection, I noticed that it wasn't really syncing. Songs I added didn't get transferred as well as some apps I purhased. I reconnected my iPhone and looked at the sync settings. Turns out I had to set everything. I had to tell it which music to sync, which movies, tv shows, photo albums, etc. Again, not a huge deal since it doesn't take that long to resync everything.

    But then I noticed that iTunes no longer knew I had hundreds of apps - it showed that I only had four (the last four I purchased). It also said that I didn't have any ringtones. I had to find where these files were stored on my hard drive and then import them into my iTunes library. Then I had to check for updates for my apps, since I was pulling in some older versions. And then I had to totally reorganize my apps once I got them back onto my iPhone, since all the icons were now in a new location.

    Why weren't those settings (re: my apps and ringtones, etc) not restored when I reimported the xml file? Are they stored someplace else?

    I think I am back in business but those instructions did not feel complete...