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I'm using an iPhone with Outlook Exchange (calendar) that works only over the air for my work calendar. Our IT department doesn't allow us to install iTunes at work. I sync my phone with iTunes on my home computer where I have my personal calendar. So the phone is great - both personal and work calendars on it. But I'd like to copy my work calendar from the iPhone to my home computer (also a windows PC with Outlook). I cannot install any 3rd party sync software on my work computer.

Is there any way to do this?

Dell, Windows Vista
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    There is no way to do this, and you shouldn't need to do this anyway especially since you have a Windoze PC with Outlook available at home. Why don't you access your company Exchange account with Outlook on your personal computer at home, or is doing so against company policy? If doing so is against company policy, copying or syncing business contacts and calendar events with Outlook on your personal computer at home is probably against company policy also.
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    Kind of old, but I thought I'd post in case anyone wants to do something similar...

    Allan, I smacked myself in the head when I read your suggestion - of course. My company would let me VPN into Exchange and download into my home copy of Outlook. When I tried it however, it proved to be a little bit of a hassle - I had to reinitialize the VPN every time I did it, so I couldn't run anything "in the background" and keep everything in sync all the time.

    Well along came iOS4 and much improved sync capabilities with Google, so that now I use Google as my main calendar location. I use two different sync programs - iCal4OL to upload my work calendar to Google(it's locked-down IT dept. friendly) and download copies of my 4 personal calendars into my work Outlook. And Gsyncit at home to keep a copy of my personal calendar in sync between home Outlook and Google.

    I've found that the iPhone 4/Google calendar in the main place where I make updates and I Love It!.