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Dear All, i've read several issues according to sleep-mode problems. But non of it described my problem.

Well, last week my new iMac 27" i5 arrived. Saturday it first come up that the iMac crashes after sleep-mode (grey curtain - pls restart your computer). First restart often doesn't work. iMac hangs-up while booting with a white-screen. Second restart works.

What have i done so far:

1. reinstalled system, only os, not reset to factory defaults. this improves the time the iMac needed to go to sleep-mode. before reinstallation about 30 seconds, after reinstallation about 2-4 seconds. but the imac still crashes after sleep mode.

2. deleted .plist files com.apple.airport-preferences; com.apple.powermanagement in the folder macintosh hd/library/preferences/systemconfiguration

3. pram reset

4. smc reset

5. deactivated magicmenu (stuffit)

6. checked volume

7. checked and repaired access rights of volume

Sofare,...i have no idea what else i can do ... besides reseting to factory defaults.

Thus, if anyone has an idea ... would be really GREAT!

Thanks for your help!

iMac 27" i5 and MacBook late 2008, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Welcome to the forum, Sounds like a hardware defect of some sort to me. How much memory do you have in the system ? Could be a memory defect, that´s causing the problem, although it should also arise during normal usage. Have you checked the log files to see anything strange there ? Also. do you have any USB devices hooked up to the IMAC ? if yes please disconnect ALL of them, and retry, see if that has an impact.
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    Stevo80 wrote:
    Saturday it first come up that the iMac crashes after sleep-mode (grey curtain - pls restart your computer). First restart often doesn't work. iMac hangs-up while booting with a white-screen. Second restart works.

    What have i done so far:

    Hi- please clarify. You say "grey curtain-please restart your computer". What does that mean? Do you mean that you see a grey screen with white text in several languages advising you to shut down and restart your mac?

    If so, this is called a kernel panic- it usually indicates that there is some hardware problem with an attached device to your mac (either internal or external)

    Power down, disconnect all USB/FireWire devices except for your standard apple keyboard and mouse, and power up and see if the problem continues.

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    Thanks for feedback and welcoming! I'm really clueless at this point.


    i have 4gb ram installed, nothing changed to factory. one usb device was attached but i detached it, i also thought it might be the problem, but problem still occurs. curiously this really only happens the way i described it ... no problems in normal use.

    Is there a way to ad a picture to my answers here? Or is it allowed to post a link to a picture?


    it is as you say it. no usb or firewire devices are connected.

    Maybe any ideas due to the report i attached?
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    Ok ... after three weeks and three imacs ... i helped myself by taking a 101 in kernel_panic speech. Because i couldn't believe in three mac being bad ones. Here is what makes me think:

    Kernel Extensions in backtrace (with dependencies):
    dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily(2.6)@0x55c33000
    dependency: com.apple.iokit.IO80211Family(310.6)@0x5d3c2000
    dependency: com.apple.iokit.IONetworkingFamily(1.9)@0x5d0bd000

    And it always was this one! So is it plausible that three of three macs have crushed airports? could happen but under probability conditions really unlikely. So to day i changed the router. And what happend. No panics up to now. I hold my fingers crossed, but i think i got it.

    Now i can start to believe again ... hopefully!

    But one thing ... i mean apple come on, such issues shouldn't appear. And technically i don't get it, how an external devices goes down in the systems heart and makes it crash. if no wlan-connect would be available, ok, but that why ... i don't get it ... and i think i never will.
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    Yesterday my macbook started kernel panics on sleep. 10.6.2 had been on for a while so I don't think that upgrade was the problem. I had just upgraded the latest safari patch but I suspect the real culprit was a very big Secure Empty Trash that I did.

    I found these 20 tips http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=2004011205473937 and started working through.

    My problem was immediately solved when I downloaded Cocktail from http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/systemdisk_utilities/cocktailmaintain.html
    and cleared the caches.

    I hope this helps somebody.