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Kimo Bonnelycke Level 1 (75 points)

So I have a 2008 Mac Pro that I put Windows 7 on without bootcamp drivers. (I was waiting for the 3.1 to come out). Everything was working fine, just not all the functionality. Since bootcamp 3.1 came out, I installed 3.0 from the SL disc, rebooted, and got a BSOD due to the AppleHFS.sys. I renamed that file, and booted back up into Win 7. I installed the bootcamp 3.1 64bit drivers, and rebooted. I again started getting BSOD due to the AppleHFS.sys file. I looked and the AppleHFS.sys file and it is newer than the old 3.0 version, so I am wondering if it actually has been "fixed". I changed the new AppleHFS.sys file, and I no longer get the BSOD.

I also cannot start the Bootcamp control panel, I keep getting an error that it cannot access the disks, which I assume is because I stopped AppleHFS.sys from loading.

Anybody else having these problems on a 2008 Mac Pro?