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Kimo Bonnelycke Level 1 Level 1 (75 points)

So I have a 2008 Mac Pro that I put Windows 7 on without bootcamp drivers. (I was waiting for the 3.1 to come out). Everything was working fine, just not all the functionality. Since bootcamp 3.1 came out, I installed 3.0 from the SL disc, rebooted, and got a BSOD due to the AppleHFS.sys. I renamed that file, and booted back up into Win 7. I installed the bootcamp 3.1 64bit drivers, and rebooted. I again started getting BSOD due to the AppleHFS.sys file. I looked and the AppleHFS.sys file and it is newer than the old 3.0 version, so I am wondering if it actually has been "fixed". I changed the new AppleHFS.sys file, and I no longer get the BSOD.

I also cannot start the Bootcamp control panel, I keep getting an error that it cannot access the disks, which I assume is because I stopped AppleHFS.sys from loading.

Anybody else having these problems on a 2008 Mac Pro?

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    Yeah, I'm seeing the same thing, on the exact same machine. I dunno what the prognosis is, for a fix, though.
  • b noir Level 9 Level 9 (72,025 points)
    Just doublechecking, Kimo. Is the update discussed in the following document applicable to your particular Mac Pro? If so, is it currently in place?

    [Graphics Firmware Update 1.0: iMac and Mac Pro compatibility with Windows 7|http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3967]
  • Kimo Bonnelycke Level 1 Level 1 (75 points)

    Nope, I have the 8800GT, which is not affected. Good idea though.

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    Sorry to hear what's old is new again with the HFS.sys issues.

    I also go into mscongig and turn off services and startup items I don't want to load, then go to Services and I'd try to pick out any there and see if there is an "Apple HFS" related that you can change from automatic to manual or disabled.

    The other thing I do is go into Programs and uninstall the things like Bonjour and MobileMe that I don't want, too noisey, they are always "chatting" and keeping network active.

    The 2008 can't use the 7300GT, and I wish a 8800GT or GTS250 was a mid range option.

    I'd uninstall whatever Nvidia driver Apple installs and let Windows install its own and then install 196.21 that came out this week 19th.

    MacDRive8 disables or removes the AppleHFS driver - I wonder if they have a demo worth looking into, though I prefer to not mount HFS from Windows.
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    I had the same problem here with a 2009 Mac Pro with BC 3.0.1 and BC 3.1. Blue screen CACHE_MANAGER stop 34. Renaming both applehfs.sys and applemnt.hfs in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\ made everything work here with BC 3.1.
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    Same here on a 2009 MBP 17".

    I bought Win7 Professional 3 weeks ago, installed it on a BC partition, installed BC 3.0, updated to 3.1. It worked flawlessly for two weeks or so. Then all of a sudden I got a BSoD caused by AppleMNT.sys. Hadn't seen a BSoD for years so I thought it was just some random one-off. Rebooted, got the same BSoD again. After 5-6 attempts where the AppleMNT.sys BSoD would appear after 5-10 minutes I went on Google to see if this was a known issue, only then did I find out that it was and that it's been around for months.

    Went into safe mode and renamed the two Apple .sys files, zero problems after that. Well, no access to the OS X partition of course.

    Kind of a bummer since I never had the problem with the Win7 public release candidate I had on this machine for many months along with BC 3.0. It was only now when I got around to buying a proper retail copy of Win7 and installed the supposedly Win7-tuned BC 3.1 that I ran into this crap.

    Not holding my breath for a fix... it might be intentionally broken for all I know.