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I posted about this a while ago and haven't had any luck resolving this issue, so I'm asking a different angle on it.

I have a GL-2, a LaCie external HD, and a mirror-door G4. Whenever both the external drive and the camera are plugged in at the same time, everything freezes. Up until recently, I have just turned off the external drive, dumped the footage on my computer, unplugged the camera, turned on the external drive, and moved the footage. Now, I've run out of space on my computer AND I have an upcomming project that will involve way more footage than my computer can hold, even temporarily. I'm done trying to figure out a way for my camera and external drive to be friends.

What do I need to do to get a ton of footage online for editing without it being stored on my computer? I feel like someone told me there are no internal Hard Drives I can buy for my computer, so boosting my computer's storage space must be out of the question(is that right?). Is there another external hard drive I can buy that will work? Anything?