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I have a smaller screen (1024x768) g4 laptop. When I some forum sites in firefox it automatically arranges the text in such a way that the entire page will fit the screen width without having to scroll right to left to read everything. I am wanting to use keychain access thus the desire to switch to safari- but then I have to scroll to read the page. Does anyone know of an extension that would fix this? Or other thoughts???

Mac OS X (10.4.11), 12" g4
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    I should state that it has nothing to do with the screen size- but the window size. I always use the full screen for viewing so I didn't realize that until I after I posted. I went back and re-sized the window in firefox and it rearranges the page to fit the window width. I need safari to do this also. Doesn't seem like too much to ask does it?


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    When using Safari or any program on a Mac the green button is not maximize but a zoom feature which will expand the window to fit the contents only. I personally like this but there are some that want the maximize feature which will fit the screen (your dock will still show on the bottom).

    try this app its free I think you will love it its called RightZoom!

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    Thanks Timothy- I think what I'm talking about is different. Not resizing the window but re- organizing the web page based on a given window size. For example say a slim window width I would see text like this:

    today it is

    the text is fitting within the window. A wider window would allow me to see the full text and the browser re-arranges accordingly:

    today it is snowing.

    With safari i get this:

    today it is

    then I have to scroll over to view the rest of the sentence and I see this:

    is snowing.

    Firefox automatically re-organizes the text and graphics to fit within say 500 pixel widths or so and anything smaller then requires one to scroll right and left to see the full page.

    It seems that safari does not really support smaller screen computers......

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    have you tried the zoom text feature..

    open safari
    click on view
    customize toolbar
    drag the zoom icon to your toolbar (like next to your home button
    click done

    Hope I can be of some help. Thank is the only way I know of to make text resize within a window.
    Yes you are right ..safari is really made to look great on bigger screens (1024x768) and higher.
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    I use the cmd/= cmd- shortcuts for this- I'm a shortcut type(r.) As far as I can tell I guess I'll have to stick with firefox until mac makes a browser that works well on all of their machines.