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I recently purchased the Samsung WEP200 bluetooth headset to work with my iphone. This is a great product its nice and small and easy to use. However, when you initially sync it with the iphone it may appear that it is not going to work. The most common error is that the power button is not held down long enough.

Tip: Using your iphone go to > Settings > General > Bluetooth > Click on and let iphone cycle. Then with your Samsung WEP200. Turn on power by holding the power button down till the blue light flashes. Continue holding the power button until your iphone finds your Samsung WEP200. Once it finds your bluetooth the status will show unpaired and just click on paired to sync your signal and enter the passcode.

Note most people are just holding down the bluetooth till the light flashes which only turns it on and doesnt sync to your iphone.

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.6.2)