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i have an unlocked 2g iphone that i've used without problems for awhile now. a week or so ago, i removed it from my computer around 11am and that night when i went to plug it back in to my laptop (an hp pavilion running windows vista 64 bit), nothing happened, it didn't start charging, the computer didn't even make a noise. so bizarre. i had barely touched the phone all day, it stayed safely in my pocket. i didn't drop it, nothing.

i did quite a few things in attempt to get it to start working:

* first and foremost i obviously restarted my computer - nothing.
* power cycled the iphone (two button reset) - nothing.
* used all three of my USB ports - nothing.
* used another USB cord in all three of my USB ports - nothing.
* uninstalled and reinstalled all USB root hubs - nothing.
* verified 'apple mobile device' was running in services.msc - yes.
* tried to sync my iPOD with usb cord to verify the usb cord works - synced successfully and immediately, no problems whatsoever.
* uninstalled and reinstalled to the newest version of itunes via apple.com/itunes - nothing.
* checked device manager - my computer is not the least bit aware the iphone is there.
* tried connecting to wall charger with three different USB cords - nothing.
* tried putting the iphone in recovery (dfu) mode - iphone shows the picture of itunes icon and usb cord, but itunes does not come up with message.

the only two things that did work:

* connected iphone to ihome - charges successfully.
* connected iphone to car charger - charges successfully.

i'm at a loss here. my first thought was that something was wrong with the iphone's hardware, but if that were true, how is it charging on the ihome and car charger?

any ideas or just your input would be fantastic. i am going crazy here, not just because my iphone is broken but because i do not understand WHY!

thank you.

iPhone, iPhone OS 3.1.2
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    iPhone device driver installed?

    Verify iPhone Driver/Service Installation

    iPhone requires two important pieces of software to operate properly on Windows. First, the driver must be installed; for iPhone the driver is USBAAPL.SYS. Second, Apple Mobile Device Support must be installed as a Windows Service. If these are not installed, see the Reinstall iTunes section below.

    Verify that the driver is installed by connecting iPhone to the computer and following these steps:

    1. On the Start menu, click Run. (For Windows Vista and Windows 7, click the Windows Start button and click inside the Start Search field to place the cursor there.)
    2. Type devmgmt.msc and click OK. A list of devices will be displayed.
    3. Scroll down to Universal Serial Bus controllers and click the small plus sign to expand this group. iPhone will be listed as either Apple iPhone or Apple Mobile Device depending on the version of the driver installed.
    4. Right-click Apple iPhone (or Apple Mobile Device) and choose Properties from the shortcut menu.
    5. When the Properties window opens, select the Driver tab.
    6. Click Driver Details to view more information.

    You may also want to try stopping and restarting the Apple Mobile Device Support in services.msc.
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    as i mentioned above, i have checked the device manager looking for apple mobile device, iphone, anything that seems even remotely close to the iphone. under USB controllers in the device manager, once the menu is expanded, all there is is the standard intel host controllers, usb composite device and a handful of root hubs. *the computer does not recognize the iphone at ALL when the iphone is plugged in. nothing appears in device manager when plugged in, nothing disappears when unplugged*.

    SO what that means is that i can't look at any driver details.

    apple mobile device support is installed, i'm unsure of where i can find USBAAPL.SYS, however i have uninstalled and reinstalled itunes twice so i haven't a clue why it WOULDN'T be there...

    as i stated before: this issue has been duplicated on *more than one* computer, all of which have the same problem.
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    I am having the exact same problem, I have another iphone 2g that my computer identifies and syncs instantly. so i know the drivers are installed properly on the pc. the service for iphone is enabled and running. I've started in DFU mode, Restore Mode, Reinstalled every software that even touches the Iphone. Nothing. I dont have iHome or a car charger, but i did notice that despite not showing the icon the phone will still charge through my usb or wall cable. Was going to try to winSCP to phone, but the phone is stuck at the activation screen and i cant get past it to find ip ect. if anyone has any ideas they would be much appreciated
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    When you reinstalled iTunes, was it just itunes on its own or did you remove quicktime, AMDS etc also?