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i am on a budget so lately i have been downloading coupons from coupons.com. i downloaded the mac coupon printer and it worked great for many months. then i went to print and got the message i needed to install the printer. okay i uninstalled and reinstalled it. it was a successful install but no matter what i tried i can not get the website to recognize it. according to the people at the website nothing has changed. anyone have a clue?

imac intel 17" 1.5g old version, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
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    First, go to your System Preferences, and click on Print & Fax.

    What do you see on the left side column?
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    In addition to above suggestion,

    have you checked with coupons.com to make sure their software is compatible with Snow Leopard and your browser version? I just checked their site and it only mentions "10.3 and higher" - it makes no mention of being compatible with 10.6.

    If they claim that it is compatible, you could also try to uninstall their software and reinstall it. And, you could also uninstall and then add your printer again.

    Edit: I just realized your signature states you're on 10.4.x - is that correct?

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    It shows my printers and my external modem. When the external modem is highlighted it has an option to forward to an e-mail. I have done all this and checked the e-mail address and all works fine, it just won't do the forward. I get no message or popup that says it can not complete the action it just doesn't do it.
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    My last post was in the wrong thread, sorry. It was supposed to be in the can't forward faxes to e-mail
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    I too have experienced the same problem with coupons.com. What I do not understand is that this site worked fine until about 2 weeks ago. I have tried to call the reps at coupons.com and email them with no response. I have uninstalled the software and now am unable to reinstall the software. This is super frustrating because any affiliated sites that use the same coupon printing software won't work any more. I am super frustrated with my mac because it is so quarky! Any help is appreciated. If there is a number I should call, can you please forward it?

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    yes!!!!! you have the same problem. i have noticed the other sites problems too. there are coupon sites that use something else that work fine. i have tried emailing coupons.com too with no results. it isnt us its them. also i am back in the stone ages of tiger so i fit the requirements just fine. even tried different brousers!
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    i fixed it. uninstall coupon printer then go to spotlight and locate all the folders that didnt get removed. delete them and reinstall. it should work after that.