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I had a firm transfer 50 home videos to dvd. I also received .dv files of all the footage and now want to make clips. But the footage is jerky in the viewer. How do i render these or import these into FCE and start to make clips? I'm just starting to use FCE for the first time so i appreciate your help.

Many, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    DV Stream files are not directly supported by FCE. You should use the free [MPEG Streamclip|http://www.squared5.com> to convert your files to Quicktime with Compression set to "Apple DV/DVCPRO - NTSC" with a frame-rate of 29.97 and audio set to Uncompressed Stereo 48kHz. Streamclip also has a batch convert function to convert many files without a lot of work.

    Once they are converted to DV-NTSC files, use a DV-NTSC sequence within FCE to do the editing that you need.
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    Jimmy -

    .dv is the wrong format. You should download a copy of MPEG Streamclip and convert your .dv files to QuickTime using Apple DV/DVCPRO NTSC compression. (MPEG Streamclip is free, and it works great.) Here's a link to the basic settings for what you need to do.

    Import the resulting files into FCE, using the DV-NTSC easy setup, and everything should work fine.
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    Great info. But why not a frame rate of 30?
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    Everybody calls it 30fps but it's actually 29.97fps.

    For people who prefer non-fractional numbers, think of it as 2997 frames per 100 seconds ! Nothing is lost, it's just the way we count frames relative to a unit of time.

    It goes back to the early days of television (in the US). When color TV was first standardized in the late 1940's/early 1950's, the frame rate was pulled back slightly from 30fps to 29.97fps to maintain quality and backward compatibility with black & white.