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We have a Sharp MX-2600N network printer. Connecting to it from Windows works fine.

We've downloaded the SL drivers from Sharp, and can add the printer, see toner levels, etc.

Printing to it produces no output, and results in error code 042F according to the job queue display.

This is from three different Mac's (macbooks) so not a machine-specific problem.

Sharp has been absolutely useless in diagnosing this - any ideas?? Where to look next?


Sharp MX-2600N, Mac OS X (10.5.7), Error code 042F
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    The error code should be helpful in determining the cause of the problem, but if Sharp cannot explain that the code means then I would suggest you check the setup on Windows first, since they are working. Likely causes of errors could be that the protocol you are using is not supported, the printer language you are using is not supported or there is some sort of job accounting system running on the printer and it is stopping your Mac print jobs due to a lack of authentication.

    So, to check what protocol Windows is using, select the Sharp in the printers list, right-click and select Properties (or Printer Properties if Windows 7). Select the Ports tab and then Configure Port. This will show what protocol is being used, LPR or RAW. If LPR, then on the Mac you should create the network printer queue using "Line Printer Daemon - LPD" for the protocol. If it is using Raw, then this is called "HP Jetdirect - Socket" on the Mac. This pane will also confirm the IP address you should be using.

    Regarding the printer language, the Windows driver name may give a clue. If it states PCL, then there is a chance that the printer may not support Postscript, which is typically the protocol the Mac will use. You should be able to print a test page from Windows to confirm which driver type is being used. To check if the printer has PostScript, you should be able to get some sort of configuration printer from the machine.

    Also, as a test, you could create your printer queue using Generic PCL Laser. If this prints without the error then you have eliminated the job accounting function (if it exists) as a cause.

    Hope this helps in some way.