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I have recently bought my father a MacBook, and he has difficulties finding his way with the machine at very basic levels. Moving windows around, making windows larger, the idea that "minimising" is not "exiting", how to block text for formatting, and the idea that the menu bar at the top of the screen refers to the last-used window (so he can't see the Skype Menu if he has just clicked on Word...), that sort of thing. The reason for this is that he never actually had to use a computer before, but since his typewriter is irreparable, he's stuck with that new thing. He dabbled a little with Windoze, but I felt a Mac was more fool-proof. Geographically, I can't help him each time, which is a pity.

Is there anywhere a tutorial for absolute beginners that shows him the basics, preferably in an interactive manner? He does have access to the internet.

And just to make this challenge a wee bit more complex: it should be in German...

Any help?


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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Just google, "Mac 101 tutorial" and get this:
I realize most of the links may not be in German but keep googling.

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