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Hello all. I have an the first gen MBP 17 inch running the latest snow leopard build.

I have been working just fine with it on the network, and then all the sudden it won't connect. It finds the network, and when I select it, it shows 4 bars but does not let me browse. 30 seconds or so later, the icon shows a exclamation mark in the middle of it. When I go though the help, it just says to reboot the network devices. I tried that, and no luck.

I have also deleted all the known networks, and reacquired this one. It uses WEP, and goes as far as asking for my password. It then looks like everything is connecting up, but does not. It again gives the "!" in the network icon.

The same laptop in XP boot camp works just fine (it what I am typing this on at the moment). My wife's Mac Book is running 10.5.8, and connects just fine. So do both of our iPhone's.

Any recommendations on how to proceed would be great. Thanks in advance.

MacBook Pro 17", Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    I also have a very similar issue lately with a MBP running OS 10.6. Network shows full bars at times but then shows the exclamation mark instead; Same results with wi-fi and a plugged in cat-5 cable. I've compared the network settings to my two Mini's (running OS 10.5) and while the settings are the same, the MBP won't connect like the Mini's will.
    This connection problem is at work only (no proxy settings, used to connect automatically); it seems to work almost everywhere else.