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Got it for Christmas and I've been playing it at home on my docking station/stereo then taking it to work and listening here with no problems, until this morning. I had it docked on my stereo at home over the weekend and when I brought it into work this morning, the iPod doesn't seem to recognize the headphones.

When I insert the headphones, and play music, the volume is steady coming through the earphones but I can't adjust the volume on them. Adjusting the volume on the iPod only increases or decreases the volume on the external speaker and the volume on the headphones stays the same.

I tried listening to the radio, as apparently the earphones are used as an antenna and the screen says "No Radio Signal - Please plug in headphones for radio reception" so I'm guessing that's where the problem is.

Has anyone experienced this? Do I have to return it, or will rebooting it at home do anything?


Nano 5th Generation, Windows Vista