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Got it for Christmas and I've been playing it at home on my docking station/stereo then taking it to work and listening here with no problems, until this morning. I had it docked on my stereo at home over the weekend and when I brought it into work this morning, the iPod doesn't seem to recognize the headphones.

When I insert the headphones, and play music, the volume is steady coming through the earphones but I can't adjust the volume on them. Adjusting the volume on the iPod only increases or decreases the volume on the external speaker and the volume on the headphones stays the same.

I tried listening to the radio, as apparently the earphones are used as an antenna and the screen says "No Radio Signal - Please plug in headphones for radio reception" so I'm guessing that's where the problem is.

Has anyone experienced this? Do I have to return it, or will rebooting it at home do anything?


Nano 5th Generation, Windows Vista
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    Make absolutely sure the headphones are fully pushed in against ipod body (kinda a hard push). Lots of folks post this its a common error w/ new ipod.

    ONce that works, hopefully it will, there are setting to adjust volume to top limit or lower end in menu somewhere and one to adjust them all to even volumes too.

    Good luck

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    Thanks slothofms7,

    I've made sure the headphone jack is pushed in as far as it can go, and I've also played with the volume settings and, unfortunately, it doesn't change anything.

    I have a feeling I'm gonna have to bring this back to the store. Not a big fan of this.
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    If the *white part of the ear phone plug is touching the iPod* & the sound is still not being recognized, then you will need to take earphones & ipod to the Apple Store for an earphone replacement.
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    Thanks Nano Rookie,

    The white part of the earphone plug is touching the iPod.

    The thing is, I get sound from the earphones, but it's a steady mid-range volume that can't be adjusted on the iPod. Adjusting the volume on the iPod only increases or decreases the volume of the external speaker.

    In fact, if I decrease the volume on the iPod all the way to the "bottom" there is no sound at all coming from the external speaker, but the same mid-range volume comes from the earphones.

    To me, this doesn't sound like an earphone problem, but it's my first iPod, so admittedly, I don't know much about them.
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    See if resetting the iPod changes things. If it doesn't, then take your ipod to an Apple Store like was suggested previously. The staff will be able to check to determine if your iPod or earphones are damaged. Might as well take advantage of the warranty while you still have it.

    Directions for resetting can be found in the iPod Nano 5th Gen. User Manual

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    Thanks all. I tried resetting it, to no avail. But, when I got home last night, I did a "restore" and it seems to be fine now. Bizarre, but at least I know what to do if it happens again.

    And, you're right. If there's a continued problem I will take it back to the store and take advantage of the warranty while I've got it.

    Thanks again.
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    How do you 'restore'? I just got my nano and first time using it I'm having the same problem you were. The earphones are at the loudest volume and trying to use the volume setting only affects the speaker. I tried playing with the volume in settings. My headphones are pushed in all the way and I even tried a different pair. How do you restore?
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    Found it. It worked!